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  1. We ALWAYS run our fridge going down the road with our fifth wheel. Our coach has an inverter and 2 6volt batteries and we have NEVER ran out of battery power to run the fridge! Our fridge is set for 38° in the fridge and 0° in the freezer, everything stays nice and cold. We generally spend 6 to 8 hours on the road and no generator. Our longest day was 10 or 11 hours, WON'T be doing that anytime soon and the fridge stayed running the entire time, no problem. Your coach should be equipped with an inverter if you have a residential fridge, there's really no need to run your generator if all you're trying to do is keep your fridge running. Dan
  2. I have One Ryan, I bought it a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I haven’t put it to the test, I bought it for that “special” occasion. LOL. There’s a place we go in Iowa where they only have 30 AMP service but they have two 30 AMP receptacles in the same box. We haven’t been back there since so I haven’t had the chance to try it out. Like you I’m sure, most places we go we have 50 AMP, 30 AMP, 20 AMP option. Dan
  3. I just signed up for the updates and bata testing. Within minutes I received an acknowledgment. Dan
  4. We're both in the "high risk group" as well, we aren't going anywhere for a while. We'll wait it out in our stick and bricks, when the CDC proclaims it's "safe" to mingle we'll get going again. We'll take our cue from the CDC and health professionals NOT the politicians, thank you very much. To us it's not worth the risk, it's easier to sit and wait and stay healthy. On a side note we took a ride through a county-run park south of us to see if anybody was camping. The park was about a forth full, signs ALL OVER warning to "keep 6' spacing" BUT we saw several groups of at least 6 or more sitting "close" around the fire rings chatting and whatever. Definately NOT social distancing! I hope they're all healthy after the camping trip is over! Dan
  5. We have the We Boost Connect RV 65 471203. Keep in mind you're going to have to have your hotspot or cell phone fairly close to the inside antenna, by that I mean within a couple of feet. It works great for boosting a cell signal as long as you understand how it operates. I also have a signal finder app on my phone so I know which direction to point the outside antenna. The RV 65 has a DIRECTIONAL antenna, to achieve the best results you'll want to know which direction your cell signal is coming from! Dan
  6. We have one, it works as advertised. My experience has been, your hot spot or your phone does need to be close to the indoor antenna but you od get the signal boost! I like mine, we have the unit you're looking at. Dan
  7. AGMs are great, I "almost" replaced my wet cell 6 volts with AGMs. Sam's Club had a sale last spring on 6 volt golf cart batteries, I was able to buy two wet-cell batteries for less than what ONE AGM cost. I paid (I think) $69 a piece for them. There are great advantages to AGMs as stated above but for me I don't mind checking the water level in my batteries every few months and I don't worry about the off gassing. You have to go with what makes YOU happy and fits in YOUR budget, simple as that. Dan
  8. Thanks for that update Ryan, I forgot about the DQ hand-out! Dan
  9. IMHO a small diesel will take more "abuse" than a gasser of comparable size/displacement, it will for positive have way more torque than gas. I believe the biggest draw back is the up-charge for the diesel compared to the gas, hard to justify the extra cost initially AND the higher cost of diesel fuel. I just LOVE my Cummins Turbo 6.7! The power and the torque are all I could ask for. Dan
  10. Dapperdan

    GY 114 Tire

    Last fall I noticed ply separations on two of my tires while on a trip (we have a MS too). I called GY claims department and received a claim number. After letting them know our location I was they referred me to a GY dealer near me. The dealer inspected my tires and contacted GY for an adjustment. GY replaced ALL 4 tires and I had to pay $1,000. I had NO blow-outs or damage so it was just an exchange. I was happy with the results. Our old tires were dated early 2014, we took delivery from our dealer in April of '14. I can't remember just how many miles were on them at that point but I'd have to guess around 15k. Dan
  11. Thanks for the update Hill. I’ll be very interested to know if your new service will work from your RV. That would be a huge plus but for us here we have AT&T internet service (In home) and it’s not very good, 50 mbs tops while Spectrum customers are enjoying 200 mbs in this same area but for a lot more $$$. Dan
  12. Thanks for the info Hill. I wasn't aware of this program, it appears this program was rolled out in March of this year. We are T Mobile customers currently, have been for over a year now. I went to their website and signed up to be on their waiting list, I'm hoping it won't be too long of a wait. Please keep us informed as to your experiences with this new service! Dan
  13. Babysitter, I'd like to add there are some of us DRV owners that haven't experienced ALL the problems mentioned above. They are legitimate concerns for sure!! You are buying a "lightly used" DRV, look closely at the points of others' failures to see if this unit you're interested in has similar issues. We have a 2015 38 RSSA, we've had NO leakes, nothing falling off the ceilings or experience "under performing" braking. Do your due diligence and check the unit out. We're happy with our purchase. Has our trailer been problem free? NO, we've had the Lippert "front jack failure" problem along with some other minor issues that were corrected under warranty. Our experience has been, for the most part a positive one. Good luck with your search! Dan
  14. I do have the "new" style rams. They definately have a shorter stroke, we've gotten used to that. Lippert had to re-configure the way our jacks are mounted. There was cutting and welding going on but when it was all done Lippert did a fantastic job! They also did some work in the pump area too but I can't remember just was was changed/eliminated. That was over two years ago and we haven't had ANY issues since! Good luck with your situation, I hope you find resolution..... Dan
  15. Ryan is wanting Lippert to "own" an inherent problem DRVs are having with the front jacks. Lippert replaced ours two years ago N/C. I had already made an appointment with Robets RV Repair prior to Lippert stepping up to the plate and covering our problem. Sorry to hear you're having problems Ryan, good luck!!!!!!! Dan
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