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Anti Algae

runaway parents

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Keeping water out of your fuel is what's necessary.  The easiest way to accomplish that is to keep your tanks full.  Water in fuel tanks is a greater problem in northern climates where the big daily temperature fluctuations can cause condensation on the inside walks of your tank.  Full tanks prevent that from happening.

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Its funny my parents had a bad algae problem last spring on the way home to Vermont from Texas with a RV they bought in Texas. Every one told them it was a sothern problem. You almost never hear about it up here. They had to kill the algae then change filters 3 more times to get home. He pulled the tank and cleaned it this summer couldn't realy find any more so pulling it may have been overkill but at least he knows. He was told to use algae killer often as well as keeping the tank full for storage. The RV is a 2008 and still only has 25k ish so it sat a lot.

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No problems with the Volvo.  I have used a biocide to treat an old 930 Case tractor that sits all but two days a year.  Only used to cut ditch banks.  It was all algae-ed up and Bio-Kleen  from Power Service seemed to kill it.  I still had to change the filters once.

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i had i happen Only one time in 19 years 200k miles  pumped it on at the flying J in Waco Texas had to clean it up 1000 miles down the road should have made them pay for it!!!.....

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To correct the original question, you don't have algae in your tank.  Algae is a plant that needs sunlight.  It exists by using photosynthesis.  Since there is no sunlight in your tanks you don't have algae, you have microbes, such as yeast.  Anywhere there are hydrocarbons (such as diesel fuel) and water microbes can exist, they don't need sunlight.  As mentioned in a previous post I like the Power Service products.  I have used them for years with no problems.  Using a biocide will stop the microbes from growing but any that have grown still need to be cleaned out which is why the filters will need to be changed until they are all gone.  Also as mentioned above keeping the tanks full is helpful.  Anytime I will be parking for a longer period of time I put in the Power Service additives and fill the tanks.  Keeping a clean fuel system is one of the requirements of running a diesel engine.  Good luck!

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It would seem logical that rather than being a northern or southern problem, it would occur more where the humidity is higher. I've had it in two of my tractors in the past 45 years. It's a pita.

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