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  1. NeverEasy

    Drive line angles

    In Windows, open PAINT, click on resize. Don't know about MAC.
  2. NeverEasy

    Drive line angles

    There is alignment and u-joint phasing. Might be out-of-phase if the lengthened drive shaft got welded out-of-phase. Do a search on "driveline u joint alignment". Lots of info. There is a driveline operating angle calculator here. https://spicerparts.com/calculators/driveline-operating-angle-calculator
  3. NeverEasy

    Drive line angles

    Follow Jack's instructions. Works great.
  4. Good news! Thanks for the update.
  5. Check fuses. On my Gen 1, the fuse blew and kept blowing. I ohmed the solenoid coil and it looked good. I put on a new air solenoid anyway but it still blew. I ended up putting in a 12 V relay close to the solenoid and used the normal signal to the solenoid as a control voltage. I fused the relay source voltage at the same amperage as the one in the dash. It did not blow that fuse. Magic!
  6. This may be a connection right behind the DID. I did not get the picture of the rear end, just the NO DATA error but most of the gages dropped to zero. Like yours, this error came and went while driving. I could tilt the DID forward and wiggle the top//left connector and duplicate the problem.
  7. I can't get past the Hayes power being disconnected and getting any voltage at the trailer connector blue wire to ground. I am assuming the trailer is disconnected and you are measuring at the pins on the connector, not the back-side or at the jackalopee. If this were mine, I would start by disconnecting the TRUCK side trailer brake wire to the Jackalopee. If the voltage is still there, disconnect the Aux 12VDC from the TRUCK side of the Jackalpeee. Remember, if the trailer is disconnected from the truck, a normal condition is to read 12VDC (open circuit voltage) at the truck's trailer connector. This stumps a lot of people. Basically, with no current flow, all the electrons flow to the open circuit and stack up there and you will see battery voltage stacked up there waiting for some place to go. Call me if you still have the number. Chet
  8. Oh dear. I am feeling bad. The Hayes worked fine for me, just put out too much when converted to electric over hydraulic. It only takes .8 amps to lock up the brakes with hydraulic controller and the Hayes does not have a limiter. "When I check the truck side RV plug without the Hayes powered, I get 8v DC. With the Hayes connected, I get 12v at the RV plug between the brake wire and ground wire." Does this mean black wire is disconnected (or fuse pulled) and you get 8VDC? Where would it be coming from? With the 12 VDC black wire disconnected, the voltage cannot be coming from the Hayes. You would have to add the Jackolopee to this diagram. Click For Full-Size Image.
  9. NeverEasy

    Hitch Failures

    My new one does not have the limiter. Insurance would only "replace" so I have a new Trailer Saver although it has three air bags and is rated heavier. I will have to look into adding the travel limiter. Now, for RandyA: Are you willing to pull out one or both the modified pins to check for any signs of failure? Any idea how many miles you have on the modified hitch?
  10. NeverEasy

    Hitch Failures

    The result but perhaps a contributing factor to the end result. The cause was some errors committed by DW. She was in a construction zone, doing 5 under the posted limit in Oklahoma, I-40. She saw a sign with an arrow that indicated a need to turn right. She did and then realized it was an exit. She started to turn back, decided it was too late and jammed on the brakes. The trailer decided to pass the truck. We know it was perpendicular to the truck at one point because the roof of the trailer took out an exit speed limit sign 15 feet off to the side (big dent in roof of trailer). Also a blown front left tire (18 months old) on the trailer may have contributed to the rollover. It was on the top of the trailer as the trailer was on its right side. The rim was mangled to pieces. Don't know when it blew during the event. When it blew, the TSPS went off and I jumped out of the sleeper. The Volo barely twitched during the whole event. Another note is that arrow sign was not accompanied by an exit sign. We looked at all those on the rest of the trip and they all were paired. The worst result is that Deb will no longer drive the rig. I did not blame her for any of it. Stuff happens. There is a dash cam video on Youtube. Look for "Volvo Pulling Everest". Watch the right-front mirror. Only time you can see the trailer come around the truck.
  11. NeverEasy

    Hitch Failures

    Pictures of a Trailer Saver and Keystone Everest wreck. I probably posted the pictures earlier. Truck weight is 18,000. Everest weight 14,400. Smart around 1,900. Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image. I have often wondered if a couple of mods to the Trailer Saver would have prevented the rollover. It might have meant taking the truck over with the trailer. With the weight difference, I don't think the truck would have rolled if the hitch held. The Binkley Head did not let go. I had to pull the bolts in the trailer hitch out to get the trailer separated from the hitch. The welds on the Trailer Saver broke. I inspected them and they appeared to have been solid welds. The mod I would propose would be to limit the upward travel of the swing arm. If the back of the swing arm would have stayed within the frame rails and not put all the leverage of the swing arm on the front welds, the hitch might not have failed. The head of this hitch is the one I modified for Randy A.
  12. I, too, poked around in it. Looks good. Did you use an old DB. The state info in VA does not have the latest info.
  13. I use the HHRV a lot. I use my desktop and laptop. I commend you for hosting the HHRV and hope it will continue. If there are costs, the users should chip in some support $.
  14. https://www.state.sd.us/eforms/secure/eforms/E1827V3-AffidavitForTruckTractorConvertedToAMotorhome.pdf
  15. Visio. Bought it here. https://www.digitalmaze.com/ Use this tutorial to get started.
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