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  1. If you have the standard cylindrical tanks you can go to https://halltank.com/tank-charts/ and input your dimensions. It will then give you a list of inches to gallons. So if you dip your tanks, measure the depth, then use the list you will know how many gallons of fuel remain. For my use it has been very accurate. If you do this you can find your fuel usage without filling up. Hope this helps.
  2. Yup, that's the next challenge. What size socket will fit it? I haven't been able to find that answer yet.
  3. Ah...so it's a sensor that feeds info to an air gauge. Thanks Darryl&Rita. I have a call into a truck place about 50 miles away. But if it is just giving info to a gauge, I'm assuming it won't hurt to drive the RV this way until we get to a bigger town.
  4. Help! Our 2004 Freightliner Columbia started hissing air from behind the dash when the husband stepped on the brakes. Yikes! The dash is now torn apart and the air seems to be coming from the back of this "sensor/??". (See the attached picture, yellow arrow points to the item in question.) What is this sensor/valve? Why so many of them? We are looking for any clues as to what is going on.
  5. To correct the original question, you don't have algae in your tank. Algae is a plant that needs sunlight. It exists by using photosynthesis. Since there is no sunlight in your tanks you don't have algae, you have microbes, such as yeast. Anywhere there are hydrocarbons (such as diesel fuel) and water microbes can exist, they don't need sunlight. As mentioned in a previous post I like the Power Service products. I have used them for years with no problems. Using a biocide will stop the microbes from growing but any that have grown still need to be cleaned out which is why the filters wi
  6. There is a reason we call our RV the Blue Flame. We have a 2004 Freightliner Showhauler with flames on the fiberglass hood. After 15 years, the decals on our hood were crazing. Even though the RV was inside 50% of the time, the sun finally got to it. The rest of the RV's decals looked great. So that's one caution, decals don't last forever. We had a hard time finding someone to finding someone to redo the flames. The first issue was the original decals were printed via an inkjet type printer to get a color gradient across the length of the flames. No one wanted to try recreating th
  7. Two suggestions. Check out this video for an idea on how to cause your compressor to kick in and bring the pressure back up. http://www.thervgeeks.com/miscellaneous/update-high-pressure-rv-tire-inflation/ -or- Get a scuba tank and first stage regulator. You can get tanks that hold 80 cubic feet of air at 3000 psi. They make tire inflation adapters. Should be able to top off a lot of tires with one tank, then just stop into any dive shop and get it refilled. I had the same issue, I need 120 psi on the steer axle, I played around with several methods, got frustrated, fin
  8. Here is a link to all the different outlets that appear on a RV power pedestal, the associated voltages, wiring etc. It talks about 15/20/30/50 amp outlets. https://rvtravel.com/pedestal-power/
  9. Good to know. Thanks! We'll be crossing at Lewiston/Queenston in a few weeks. It should go as smooth as it always does.
  10. Ok, sounds like I was going into a mini-panic for no reason. I will proceed as we always do then! Thanks for the quick responses!
  11. Has anyone crossed into Canada since the US imposed tariffs on Canada and Canada put their own tariffs in place effective July 1. This is NOT a political discussion, just a query to see how the customs experience went. We are heading into Canada in 3 weeks (have crossed the border MANY times over the years), but just discovered a whole new list of items have a surcharges. Such as ketchup!!! The full list is at https://www.fin.gc.ca/access/tt-it/cacsap-cmpcaa-1-eng.asp. Table 3 is the one to look at. Yogurt, soups, toilet paper!!! Yikes! So, what does this mean to us RVers. Any clu
  12. Folivier...Folex is my new favorite cleaning product! It worked!!! I tried it first on a corner of the wall. The spots were removed, but it left a watermark. At that point, I decided to scrub the entire section of that fabric wall. Viola! The spots are gone. I then proceeded to scrub all the fabric walls in the RV and it looks like new. Thanks to you and your wife for recommending Folex.
  13. I have a Showhauler (see picture). The listed GVWR is over 38k, actual weight is just over 36k. NY requires the R endorsement for anything over 26k. I got the endorsement, some jumping through hoops (many DMVs are unfamiliar with it). The main part was taking a road test to prove you can handle the vehicle. No paper test, no air brake rider, no physicals, no special requirements on renewals, just the road test. Once you have that you are legal in any state because you are legal in NY. I have an enhanced DL (to cross into Canada). In the middle of the front three lines up from the botto
  14. Our Super C has walls that are fabric with a bit of batting behind them. A series of splatter stains have appeared on one of the walls (picture attached) and the adjacent pleated shade. It's as if someone opened a can of soda next to the wall and sprayed it. We don't drink soda, so we have no idea what it is! Regardless, do anyone have any words of wisdom on how to clean the fabric? How about the fabric pleated shade (less important, since it's usually up). Thanks.
  15. Never mind....I just saw the link to the thread with the Miller contact info.
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