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  1. Wondering if any ATV..riders or others would want to stay at my north forty and do some ride in before the fall rally?? Ps me...over...Dirty Dog...Dirt....
  2. Yes...sooo. Much fun. And learning....met new friends...thanks to the Heiser family...Dirt
  3. On my way should be by on wed to look at the trucks..Rawlings wy tue am...be around last half....enjoy.....Texas dirt..
  4. Checking on any new updates....38 special..Hastings nebr the still thinkin of burn in west...!! Around the weekend..arrive tue...
  5. How many.  And still come??

  6. Dirt

    Anti Algae

    i had i happen Only one time in 19 years 200k miles pumped it on at the flying J in Waco Texas had to clean it up 1000 miles down the road should have made them pay for it!!!.....
  7. would like to stop by on way to Amarillo Texas.... mid week this year...can i pay by the day?? thinking wed or thur....!!
  8. Dirt

    pin box options help

    yep 20 inches give more room on the 20 foot bed....never have been 65 ft in 20 years..!!....200k miles
  9. Dirt

    pin box options help

    that might work mine in 12inches wide...and i can mod it if i need to.....i have a shop..!!! whats it worth to ya..??? gonna be in Quartsite about first part of Dec coming thur Phx...
  10. Dirt

    pin box options help

    17 inch fwd will give me more room for a pickup on my 20 foot bed on the truck moving from jeep to pickup short bed flat bed....thats what iam thinking welding it myself and my son is a welder.....etrailer.com says they don't have anything to fit it..!!!! Cob see in the Q this winter ..
  11. Dirt

    pin box options help

    wanting to extend my pin box on Alfa toy house it has RBW 7016p pin box......... any one Mod a pin box to fit like the Lippert 1621 roflex pin box??? to a Alfa?? .....thanks Dirt....info is on etrailer.com.....this would give me 17inches more fwd for the pinbox...
  12. hello Kids....How many rigs this year thinkin of coming for part of rally on way to Texas for a month then on to Quartsite..any takers on the Q this year???.....
  13. Dirt

    Bed length

    mine is 20 feet and works good for a jeep ....i have hauled about everything in 17 years even a hot tub to Sturgis??? i did a frame stretch when i built it for 4k ..i heard you can still get frame stretch for 4k...??....
  14. Dirt

    miles traveled in HDT

    Just checkin in how may miles have ya all done in your HDT and Years...??? built my truck about 17 years ago and have gone about 170 k started with 472 and have 650 on it..!!! seems like the form is growing??... Dirt....
  15. Dirt

    Riding Glamis dunes

    head to Q next week would like to get there some time..!!! check it out
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