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California Officials declare Ham Radio no longer a benefit; Demands Ham radio repeater infrastructur


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6 minutes ago, Randyretired said:

They are shutting down power in many locations.  The repeaters are another communication source and they don't want to hear all of the complaints.  So just shut them up?😶

Control the news, control the media, control what people think.....

And I am NOT a conspiracy theorist or such.

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OK Hams, this is not right in so many ways.  Wait until they need help when the fancy fixed communications go down.




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A major repeater in my area has solar powered back up power that can last up to 48 hours. I think, with no substantive proof, that a lot of repeaters are self contained in the same way. I really wonder how California thinks they can override Federal rules and regulations? Reminds me of the "hands free" argument after many states placed requirements on cell phones and tried to apply that to ham radio, an argument they handily lost. 



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5 hours ago, packnrat said:

it's ca. what do you expect, the demo's under the dome in sac, and all there appointed minions, know they can do better than what trained and qualified personal can do.

and they get the great benefit of more control, and spin of all the info that is allowed to get out to the masses.

Another of the many reasons I don't even visit CA - EVER!



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ca is a very beautiful place to visit. so much to see. it would take many life times to see everything. (stay away from the tourist traps) and life is great. fill up your fuel tanks before coming into this state.

just sad the people in control of this state are fools to understand how life should be. they want a total socialist style control.

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This whole thing was blown way out and the guy who owns that repeater is a bit on the eccentric side. While I'd like to see it stay up for my own use as I camp in that area a lot, dude needs to play by the rules. Last I heard they were working on an agreement. Funny how people go nuts and make everything worse than it really is.......

Just read the repeater in the within Whiskeytown NP will be staying up and running.

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