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  1. He got his swm8 and pi29 and everything is working as you said it would..now he can use his h25 in his trailer and his home without changing receivers..Thanks again
  2. Thanks to docj He saw your comment and ordered a swm8 and a Pi29 and he only wants to hook up one tv.. after he gets them I will let you know how it works..again Thanks
  3. He found out that it takes a H24 or older receiver.
  4. He called Winegard and they said to talk to DTV..so much for passing the buck anyway he pulled the 4 wires from the LNB and the turret and 2 of them were open (no continuity) so he ordered a new cable..I hope that is his problem..
  5. My neighbor just purchased a 5th with a Winegard Travlr sk3005 satellite dish..When it's raised it locks in on 101 110 119 instead of 101 99 103 He called winegard and they had him on hold for 45minutes until he hung up..Does he have a major problem or is it something he can fix.
  6. Palm Creek Golf And RV Resort.. Ive stayed there for several winters Top notch resort..
  7. But it's got power steering
  8. We live in Sierra Nevada foothills north west of Sacramento and we call Stockton- Chicago west
  9. Also does California Quarantine you for a fews days after entering the state . I had a friend that moved to Idaho and the state had quarantined her for 14 days..
  10. Thanks heading down sometime next month
  11. Has Mexico border at Los Algodones open up ?
  12. I've never use a military fam camp but I have a VA service connected disability card don't know if it is good or not for military campgrounds..
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