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  1. Also does California Quarantine you for a fews days after entering the state . I had a friend that moved to Idaho and the state had quarantined her for 14 days..
  2. Thanks heading down sometime next month
  3. Has Mexico border at Los Algodones open up ?
  4. I've never use a military fam camp but I have a VA service connected disability card don't know if it is good or not for military campgrounds..
  5. Installed a DTV Travler .. Found a used like new one for $600 and it works great..Love to watch the ball games
  6. My dentist in Los Algodones is open only 1 day a week..She said the border is open from 6am-6pm and not very many people are there..She said call first if someone needs an appointment..Dr. Guadalupe Montoya Garcia..I have her phone # if someone wants it..
  7. I was questioning for some people that were to go there next month for dental work..I will pass this info on to them.
  8. Is the border going into Los Algodones open?
  9. I posted in the travel trailer section a while back that I had purchased 2 Yamaha inverter generators 2000watt with parallel kits for $399 a piece at Costco. My son has the 2000watt Honda and we cannot tell the difference in the sound of the Honda verses the Yamaha..The box says designed and engineered in the USA, Manufactured in China.
  10. Just curious what is the advantage of the auto-pilot if you have to have your hands on the steering wheel and have to punch a few button every 10 seconds to keep the auto-pilot energized?
  11. The last time I was in Oregon where they pump your gas for you a young lady came to the drivers side window and I gave her my credit car and my little mini schnauzer jumps in my lap and the lady let my dog lick her in the face and I told my dog don't lick her and the girl said thats ok and I said no cause she just licked her butt..
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