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Intro / First Post .. Looking to upgrade rv


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Greetings to all.

Lurking here for awhile. Looking for opinions on what the next step is.

I have a 32 ft DP  1993 Tiffin with 70,000 miles on it.

It getting to the point it needs to be updated, I need new seals around the slide, generator quit, one air conditioner quit leveling jacks leak. ETC.

The good news is it is sound mechanically  And it gives me 11 to 14 mpg.

I looked at a few newer Class C motor homes approx 30 ft and found 2  that we really like, However the 7 mpg for a gas Motor Home turns me off. About $25,000 to trade.

Soo what would you do? Bite the Bullet and upgrade to something that is 15 years newer and hopefully more dependable or invest a couple of thousand in the old Allegro Bay plus a week of sweat.

We do like traveling in the Class A, Like the big windshield The living arrangements are similar in either a Class A or C as near as we can tell

We travel approx 5,000 miles a year

Thanks for any input you have to offer.

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24 minutes ago, Darryl&Rita said:

Update/upgrade the Tiffin. I'm a masochist for things like that. Never seen a "C" that lives like an "A".

I'll second that^ . 

Plus , you know what you have now , not to mention , you can get a long way down the road on 'about' 20 grand . ;)

Goes around , comes around .

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10 minutes ago, Arti said:

Thx for the quick reply's. We are leaning toward updating however sometimes you make decisions with your heart and not on facts.

Lots of good memories in the old Tiffin. 

I've heard that there's a store in Red Bay that sells new take outs . Might be worth a look . 

Goes around , comes around .

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Since you still like it, I'd probably  update. But a lot of your appliances are due to die if you have not already replaced them, so I'd take that into consideration as well.

Linda Sand

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Hate to say this, but there's a pretty good chance a 93 motor home is better built, structurally, than a newer one is.  One hears they've really started cutting corners to keep the prices down.

The only down side is, if you spend a lot of money upgrading the 93, and you - God forbid - get into an accident, the insurance company won't think it's worth much




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A friend had a 1987 Bluebird MH he really liked, so, he took it to the factory for a total interior update. It wasn't cheap to completely redo the interior and fix/replace worn chassis components, but it appeared brand new when he returned. He said he had weighed the insurance vs year vs upgrade issue, then decided the annual savings in insurance premiums, license plates, and taxes out-weighed the insurance.

At 70,000 miles your engine is just broken-in, and__you know how  it's been treated and maintained since new.


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6 hours ago, noteven said:

Best time to iron out this value is before a total loss occurs.

All insurance policies that I know of being written for an "agreed value" are determined at the time that the policy is written. If you don't your value will be the depreciated value. Agreed value policies also pay a higher premium to get the greater coverage.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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