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For Sale- Argosy

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Having spent half a lifetime driving buses, I would ditch the wet kit and the product pump, swap the 18-speed for an Allison, and single it short. The Allison has a high (low numerical, like about .64) overdrive, which would be fine on the 4:11s. I haven't done the math, but it would drop the rpm down to a tolerable range.

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7 hours ago, Darryl&Rita said:

Other than body style, this unit has ZERO appeal for this crowd, There, I said it.

Well I can sure understand the "ZERO appeal" for "this crowd" since obviously the "large-population-of-class 8-truck-ExPeRtz" here on the forum most likely have at least a "zillion-miles" logged in a fleet Argosy's...............

Now obviously Jeff has joined the forum to get "enlightened" about trucks and once he gets a couple million miles of class 8 miles in his logbook he might be able to borrow enough money to bail out of his Argosy and get a real truck.........poor guy just having to park out in the back of the truck stop lot with the hog-haulers and Autocars...........

Now my "claim-to-Argosy-enlightenment"  is pretty sketchy since a few years ago I hitched a few hundred mile round trip in a fleet of stunning Argosy hay-haulers from the N W Oregon Coast to the Idaho border and back ..........these were almost show trucks and very well maintained so they were tight and spotless.

As for "ZERO appeal" for "this crowd"……..thats a bit curious since the Argosy could shorten many grossly over-length HDT RV units and the “fishbowl” visibility and tight-space maneuverability is second to none and that alone is a huge selling point in many RV parking “adventures”. Now many “ExPeRtz” will gripe about the access to and from the cab and indeed it is a bit of a different trip from a conventional but it is about the same height and the steps are just different. Of course tilting the cab is a huge “Pain-in-the-keister” if you leave your “Big-Gulp” in the cup holder and you will have a real mess on the dash……..now that is for sure "ZERO appeal"……… now of course having FULL Access to your engine and drive train and sitting on the steer tire while you wax your engine and polish your chrome exhaust system has only “limited-appeal”………

Now obviously us RICH HDT RV geeks like to show-off our BIG $$$$ so the reduced cost of maintenance from the excellent access due to the tilt-cab is a real bummer when it come time to brag about the $3,765.77 sensor change to the windshield washer tank…….Darn Argosy is so easy to get to parts that even I could muddle along somehow……

Lots of “ExPeRtz” will tell you that the Argosy will kill you due to a harsh ride being a COE and so obviously Jeff must have to play the keyboard just to keep his back-pain under control…… (the Argosy ride is very nice…..you would be amazed).

The one thing that takes a few miles to get used to is the …..”View”……..when you pull up to a stop light at first it seems that the cab will simply tilt forward and you will be face down in the crosswalk….but after a couple of stops it is a hoot and then you get used to it…….

The Argosy “fishbowl” view is stunning and once you have it driving a conventional cab truck seems like a step back into the stone age……. And has…..."ZERO appeal"…….

Maybe…...just maybe…. Jeff is stuck with his Argosy after all ……...maybe there is no “Upgrade” from his Argosy……

Of course what does Jeff know about trucks after only a few decades and a couple hundred thousand miles (backing-up)..... and a few zillion miles driving a “fishbowl”…….

Maybe we could trade-in a few Dr Pepper cans and start a fund to get Jeff a truck that does NOT have "ZERO appeal"………


Drive on……..(poor Sunflower the cat has to ride in a ……."ZERO appeal" tractor)




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First the general. Cabover vs Conventional discussion has been raging here and in trucking for eons. Clearly cabovers lost, judging by the production numbers. Cabovers have always, and still are a creature of regulation. Some applications here make sense, but the industry doesn't agree. But there again I drive Studebakers.

Now the specific. This truck has been dolled up as a show truck. And his price reflects it. The spec list indicates a VERY narrow application, unsuitable for the majority here. But there are enough crackpots like myself that are intrigued by this sort of thing I appreciate the original post, and also appreciate the honest reaction. Indeed, the LGT driving general public looks upon any of us over here in the HDT division as crackpots, soooo I am proud to be amongst the selected few. 

Keep the weird stuff coming. I do the engineering in my head while driving down the road, better than listening to the XM sometimes. 


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Guess I must chime in with my opinion.  The cab over design is very much to my liking as someone who has no experience with driving big trucks.  (Until I bought one this year). 

As said before the shorter wheelbase and visibility are the draw for me.  I was wandering thru the shop one day and ran across a new Renault cab over and wondered what the ride is like.  I like the functionality of an American van, but I don't like the ride or handling.   With big truck suspension the cab over ride must be way better?

i really like what the person did with the Argosy, but agree with the opinion it's not set up for retirement rv hauling.

Dolly I gotta tell you, I almost sprayed my coffee at this comment,  I'm sure it would take me twice to remember this experience.

On October 5, 2017 at 10:50 PM, Dollytrolley said:

if you leave your “Big-Gulp” in the cup holder and you will have a real mess on the dash……..now that is for sure "ZERO appeal"……… now of course having FULL Access to your engine and drive train and sitting on the steer tire while you wax your engine and polish your chrome exhaust system has only “limited-appeal”………


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