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Back wall heating a/c unit install


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Finally getting around to installing a Coleman Semi Truck Back Wall Heating A/C unit # 46103-8114




Picture of unit:




Had to move the JOBOX (after unloading Jeep spare parts and tools)

The stack bracing will be relocated too.



Per the instruction diagrams this is how the unit is supposed to mount.




Sleeper interior side and back panels removed.



Unit mounting plate, trail fitting.



After a lot of head scratching and careful measurements the holes were cut thru the back sleeper wall.



Lower stack brace relocated, upper will get the same treatment after unit is hung in place.



Use a couple of boards to determine depth of standoff bolts for mounting the interior duct assembly.

The supplied standoff's were nowhere long enough so I had to fab some up (guess I forgot pics of those).



Now ready for final installation of the mounting plate and unit will be ready to hang.


Other plans: some sort of insulation and sound deadener on the sleeper walls, install some side windows.


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What are you using to water seal the opening? I am installing a split AC/heat system in the spring and have been wondering how best to water seal.


For closed cell foam spray insulation on the sleeper cab ceiling and walls, I plan to go this route as soon as things warm up:


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I have been lusting over one of these for years. I will follow the installation with mas interest. Thanks

I'm not sure they are even available any longer?

I had watched this one on eBay for about a year.

Price kept dropping each time they relisted it.

Ended up getting it for less than $1000 and the RV place that had it was semi local so I was able to pickup and not pay shipping.

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Ok been awhile, got caught waiting on the sound deadening mat and the weather has not been to cooperative.

Sound deadening mat and foil bubble installation install



The interior vent/return panel has to be installed before the unit can be hung.







Waiting on some electrical parts to come in.  Need to blow a hole in the floor of the driver side storage compartment for the unit wiring to come thru.

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Very close to wrapping this up!

Power to thermostat, check.


Couch in stalled, it covers the vents.  Don't think this will be a big deal as more than likely it will be laid down as a bed if backwall heat/ac unit is in use.





Added a factory cabinet and a microwave while we were at it.


This receptacle will be a handy addition too!


Porta toilet fits nicely under the couch out of the way.



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The back wall unit performed great.  Just returned from a 10 Jeep trip.  Slept in the truck and couple nights and ran the unit A/C on shore power.  It will flat freeze you out if need be.  It is a little loud & do wish it had adjustable fan speeds.

And yes I was hauling a full size refrigerator on the truck.  I loaded it with pre-cooked BBQ and fed about a 100 of my Jeep friends one evening.  Plus it's handy to keep several beers cold!

Parked one evening at Moss Field, Webster Groves, MO.  Cousin is the head football coach.


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Could you get more pics of how that generator is mounted in your bed? Also on the sound deadening stuff. I have good luck with Peel-Seal-Instant-Waterproof-Repairs-6-in-x-25-ft-Aluminum-Roll-Flashing Its priced good. And I put it on the doors of my Koidak. And it went from sounding like a tin can. To solid and 75% quieter then before.


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