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  1. Sorry but I would rather pay a Campground. Then try to park in a truck stop. Your odds of getting the hood ripped off. Goes up 97.8976% in the truck stops..
  2. Like a manual, unless its the 7 speed. Back in the early 80's, company only ran 7 speeds in there Freigthliner trucks. Talk about close shift gates. Give me a 13 or 18 speed any day over a 7. MY KW has a 10 speed, wish it was a 9 or 13.
  3. Yes they can cause that issue. But I checked those and everything else before replacing the Piggyback cans.
  4. Truck camper weighs 4460 lbs Used and weight of it 2 weeks ago. Our last one we always had less then 1000 lbs extra. New trucks rated at 5600 lbs payload. Mr Cob I did check into sitting the camper on the back of the Kenworth. But would have to extend the bed almost 9ft to make it fit. As the cab over part of the camper is as long as the 9'bed on the truck now. Last round we had a 3/4 ton crew cab chevy 4x4. Hauled a 9ft Truck Camper with single side. Plus pulled a 20 ft boat Thousands of miles. Also getting air assist on the new Ram. Not sure if I will like that or not.
  5. Read on here a good while ago, some were having an issue with one brake hanging up. Well went to move my truck a few weeks ago. Left brake was not releasing, when it did it was slow. So being the brake cans were no telling how old. Got a pair $70. for both. Thought I would save myself some time and effort. So took apart the new cans and the old cans. Just swapped out the the can, leaving my old bolted parts to the truck. Being lazy bit me in the Butt. Yes still hanging up after the new cans. But I did have a little air leak on one pancake gasket. so I did need to change them out anyways. Plus the other one had cracks in it also. So though brake shoes will last 5000 more mines easy. But will just get a new set put on and be done with it. Shop that put the shoes on, does great work. But when I picked the truck up. Buddy that owns the shop told me. Your not going to believe this. When we got the new brake shoes on. Brake was still hanging up! Over the years he has done many thousands of these jobs. After checking everything on that side again. Come to find out, the back part was the issue. Yes where the rod connects to the slack adjuster. There's a piece that keeps the spring from getting caught where the rod comes though the housing. That part was gone, letting the spring catch. He could push the plunger back by hand and the brake would not hang. So after redoing my shortcut, all works as it should. Guys I know I have one around 100 of these myself and half of those the shortcut way. When its 0 out and laying in a parking lot. This is also my first time having this issue. So if you have a brake shoe hanging. With the truck in gear and shut off. Reach under and see if you can push the slack adjuster back in. If so yours has the same issue. Sad part guess were going to sell our Kenworth T600 now. As were going back to a Ram 3500 and a triple side Truck camper. So guess I will be without the KW soon. Sure hate to see it go, but have a guy that wants to look at it. He pulls RVs for a living with a 53ft trailer. So hate to see him get it in a way. As he will be removing the bed and putting a 5th wheel back on it.
  6. Pete Kildow

    All In

    I think were going back to a Ram. But then again may sell the Kenworth and 5th wheel. Were talking it over, but feel were going back to a Truck camper. Triple slide and back to smaller foot print. Still miss my last Truck camper. Sure is nice to pull into about any place. If the truck fits the camper is there.
  7. Yes I agree, we have the Amish move down the road from us. Sawmill noise and smoke. But then again I live on 60 Acres. Mother in law owns 500 around that. So no chance of anyone getting any closer.
  8. Thanks but my buddy that owns a shop is getting that for me. Local dealer for me is 52 miles away. Buddys shop is only 9 miles.
  9. Gard I found this. MY KW is wired and works. But fear its only time before it turns out to be a nightmare. Will get one of these made up. Nice and easy to swap between trucks if need be.
  10. The Question is, forward or Backwards. I did have a Detroit run backwards one time. Not fun and sure woke me up. Something about expecting to go backwards but moving forward will do that.
  11. Come on people Willie does not ex hail. I did not know weed was legal in IL. Until we all met back in April. Friend of ours, had an ounce with her. Now we were in Ky, and she was not worried one bit. If it had been me, nope not going anywhere with it. Shoot I use CBD and have for over 3 years. Ordered a big order a week ago. Even though its legal. Still will not even take any of it with me on trips. Now I will tale the CBD oil but not the bud. Also sure nice to spend $50 per 6 months. Rather then $150 per month on the oil.
  12. Man I'm happy to live way out in the sticks. No zoning or city issues to deal with. 55 acres park where I want when I want.
  13. Found my AC had lost its charge. Pulled a vacuum, it held 3 hours. So filled it back up and got it cold again. Figure a Core must have started leaking. I think it was 2.5 years ago. When I changed out the dryer and other parts. Going to use the KW Monday to run to Guntersville Al. Pick up my lund boat. Dropped it off Sept 2 last year. To get a new Transom put in. Lund was so nice and got it back to the dealers lot the 16th of this month. Sad it has a lifetime warranty on this issue. But had to jump though hoops to make them believe I still owned it. I was told no one buys a boat. Keeps it 12 years just does not happen. Told the lady I bought this boat to be my last one. But Oct last year we bought one more. Guess I will sell this one ASAP. New Transom from the factory and 1 hour on the rebuilt engine. 2020 was not good to me for sure. Sad part got the engine back from a 3 months wait on parts to rebuild it. Got it home on the Sept1. pulled the engine. And still have not ran the engine myself. . We have had fun catching lots of Crappie. And Sauger season will be here before I know it.
  14. Perfect size for a garden tractor. If your Garden is 10,000 Acres.
  15. I found a full set last fall. Local truck parts yard. Had a truck with 80% Michelin's on the truck. They offerd those 4 tires and wheels to me for $350. per unit. If I were you look for a deal like that. Don't think you would have an issue with wide base tires on one axle. While running duals on the other axle.
  16. Yes I have and it happened to me. Pulling forward out of a campground. Split rail fence next to the road. Pulled all the way across the road(Campgrounds road), tires touching grass when I turned left. Tail end of our 5th wheel hit the split rail fence. Thousands later it was fixed. Now I started driving OTR in 1984. And would have bet $$ that the tail was not even close to hitting. But it sure did, hung right where the cap meets the camper on the right rear. Sad part I never felt it happen. Guy at the dump station stopped me. When he told me. I think you hit something, I thought he was drunk. But nope I had pulled the rear cap away from the body at the bottom.
  17. Pete Kildow

    Neck pain

    If i have the seat back tilted back. My neck will do that, but drove over the road in a semi for years. Always ran with the seat back straight up and the seat with just enough air to keep the bumps from hammering me.
  18. Buddy of mine has rebuilt dozens of those Fitzgerald engines. Most just out of warranty. 5 still in warranty. With the junk there putting in those engines. Most will not even let them touch an engine anymore. They were even building 500+HP engines with 11.1 Blacks without potion coolers. Know of over 25 of there last couple of year builds. That has not given anything but issues. Sad they allowed profit to come before quality.
  19. Kroll will do the job when the rest gives up. Had to guy a different product a few months back. Parts place told me it was 5X better than Kroll. Nope did not do its job, but kroll the next week. Took off 11 rusted juts. Where the other would not even help with a good clean nut.
  20. I looked at one of those. But found a used Trailer saver only used 3 times close to me. So for $800. I got a almost new hitch with a built in air compressor on it also.
  21. Buddy of mine that runs his own diesel shop. Even though he has a mag drill. He only uses a pilot hole then reamer. Tells me its faster and less work to set up. He's good at his job. So I'm taking his word at this. Also he had to drill holes a few times per week. But I'm going to borrow his mag drill. LOL
  22. Was this one of the 2 hitches they sold as Test models? Thus no warranty on these? Just asking.
  23. Great thing about a 13 speed. Drive it as a 8 speed, and flip the switch when you need to drop half a gear going up a big grade. Wish mine had a 13, then this 10 direct. but then again 10 direct with 2.93 gears not bad.
  24. Pete Kildow


    Look and see if your tires can be re-grooved? Most can and if your only issue is traction. A few hours with a grooving iron. And you can add 3/32 or so to the tires you have. I picked up one years ago on Ebay. Had to order new blades last week. Been re-grooving tires for years. Buddy of mine has 250 Peterbilts. All his tires drives and trailer. Get new life cut into them. And no increase of blowouts. And let me say now. Your going to hear from both sides on this. Many will say its not good. But as long as done right. Its giving you extra miles out of tires. And like my buddy. He is not looking to get them recaped. So that is not an issue. Just make sure to research and do it the right way. AS you don't want to cut deep and not have enough rubber left on the cords.
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