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What are some well-built 5th-wheel brands?


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A newly retired friend and his wife have never had a RV of any sort but do want to get one and do some traveling about the country. They ask me for my opinion on what to get. Trouble is, after purchasing our 2004 Laredo 5th-wheel, which we still have, I stopped looking. Based on how shoddy my Laredo was built and the number of chassis problems I would say to not consider anything with a Lippert chassis. But, for all I know, maybe Lippert now makes quality stuff.

Several years ago I would have recommended the Artic Fox (and Nash) brand as something to consider. Same for Sunny Brook(seems I read that the company went out of business?). Are they still good quality units? What do you think?

So, what I would like is for you folks to let me (and my friend) know what brand(s) of 5th-wheels (and motor homes, too) you think of as being well-made.

Thanks in advance.




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Perhaps you should state a price range. Otherwise I could say Continental Coach, New Horizons and SpaceCraft which I am sure it out of your price range.

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New or Used?


Sunnybrook is indeed out of business. They were bought by Winnebago and you can see their brochures and specs in the Winnebago archives which I link to below.


I did get a Sunnybrook 28.5 lite, 2003 vintage that had a great frame and roof structurally. I bought it last year and the 12 year old "Rubber Roof" (EPDM) was in need of replacement. It had not leaked save for one small one where the back cap meets the roofing. The previous owner let the seam crack and it allowed a small amount of water to seep in. The only damage was a little bubbling on the inside ceiling trim that we did not see at first. Since the frame is we lived in it last year while our new house was being done. Our old mobile home was still on the lot but moved with all our possessions in it so we wanted to be on site to prevent any issues. Here is mine, scroll down to the "Lite fifth wheels" section. Mine's the 2850SL: https://winnebagoind.com/resources/brochure/2003/sunnybrook/2003-Sunnybrook-Brochure.pdf


I bought it because the price was low enough due to year that I could afford to have a TPM roof put on for $2900.00 and have a like new rig. The refrigerator was given a new cooling unit the year before I bought it and works fine. The important thing is that the interior was immaculate. We only had to replace a toilet valve and do some maintenance on it along with a new larger battery.


But when we removed the rubber roof it had a solid 3/4 inch marine plywood roof that the EPDM was glued down to and it looked like new save the dark spot where the rear cap met the top decking. IT was just dark not rot. and we cleaned it up and glued the new TPO roof on and it is holding up quite nicely after a year. The inside is way better than our last rig. The interior is as durable as the oak and vinyl interior on our first rig the 36 foot HitchHiker. But there is nothing to rot under the roofing except the ceiling and the trim strips on the ceiling seams. If you get into a used rig expect to replace the roofing and factor in a new fridge and A/C unit as a worst case scenario if all is working at the time it is purchased. I don't care how many folks say that the roofing lasted 20 years on their last rig as some will and have.


There are some excellent rigs available used out there if one knows how to do industrial heat seamed TPM and know which rigs, like Sunnybrook's have the well built aluminum framing.


So ask again for new or used, the two are quite different recommends.

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NuWa Hitchiker, Cameo, Alpinelite, Arctic Fox, New Horizon, Mobile Suites, etc., etc.


But, each manufacture could have some models and years with more problems then others. So before checking a unit, always best to ask questions on the specific year and model.


And note:)! I admit freely that this was from research 10+ years ago, before we decided to go with Class A.




Be safe, have fun,


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Travel Supreme is another. Go to the for sale topic on this forum.. There are several for sale, some including trucks. There is a Newmar which caught my eye. They were always known as a good unit. There is also a combi unit including a New Horizons.


Using marine jargon, if the hull is sound everything else can be replaced. They can upgrade to LED lighting inside and out, go to a residential fridge if they want, upgrade to 17.5 tires and wheels.


At least with these and other makes mentioned you don't have to worry about cataclysmic events if they have been reasonably maintained.



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.Are they still good quality units? What do you think?.....................So, what I would like is for you folks to let me (and my friend) know what brand(s) of 5th-wheels (and motor homes, too) you think of as being well-made.

First of all, the companies that build quality RV's new are the same ones that become quality used ones. There are a few brands that are no longer in business which did build quality units which we now call orphaned units so that would add a few depending upon just what your neighbor wishes to spend and how willing he is to deal with the maintenance and remodeling that would be needed for many of those which are now older.


New or used, in motorhomes I would suggest companies like Tiffin, Newmar, and Winnebago/Itasca. In orphan motorhomes you may want to look at Travel Supreme(also true of their fifth wheels), Country Coach, and a few others. If the budget is large enough there are some like Foretravel or American Coach. In class C units the best choice would be Lazy Days & Born Free, in my opinion.

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Kirk mentioned some motor home brands, including Foretravel. The OP asked about fifth wheels, and it so happens that Foretravel DOES build a 5'er. They are very rare, but they DO exist. We saw one in March when it came to the factory for service. I've never seen one advertised for sale, but I suppose you could start by calling the factory sales people and ask about them.

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