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  1. Also consider any on your short lists features: -Inside storage -Basement/outside storage -Grey/Black/Water/Fuel tank sizes -House battery capacity, if you plan to boon dock -CCC (The amount of passenger and cargo weight capacity) -Do you plan to tow a Toad? (Understand the weight capacity that the units you are considering can handle.) -Quality of components and construction comparison between the ones you are considering. (Price does not always indicate higher quality:)!) -Exterior color. (Darker colors, require much more effort to maintain a cool level, when traveling in high temperature areas.) -Insulation values. (For Four Season capability, if that is important to you.) And then go visit owner groups of the short list of units you are considering, and browse around some. (IRV2, has some very active owner groups.) Best of luck to you, and have fun, Smitty
  2. Smitty77_7


    No right or wrong, just choices!!! Toyo, Continental, Bridgestone, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Hankook are some of the brands that are popular for RV duty. Hey things to consider are size and load ratings, appropriate for your RV. Sizes can vary slightly on the same wheel, to give you an option on different makes and models of tires. (For example, 12R X 22.5 were our OEM tires on our previous coach. And some of the tires I was considering at replacement time, were not available in that size. But were available in 295/80 X 22.5.) Most reputable tire companies, will be able to help guide you on alternate tire sizes that will be fine for your RV. Load Range ratings is critical for safety. Going to a 'Higher Rated' Load Range is safe to consider, though usually expensive to do so:)! Never go with a 'Lower Rated' Load Range. FMCA has the tire program for sort of like Fleet Discount Prices. Saved many people lots of money. Worth checking, as the savings alone can pay for a years membership if needed. We've personally had great experiences with Michelin tires. And during an industry tire shortage several years ago, we ended up with X's 2 BF Goodrich ST230's, which were less expensive then the Michelin's, and performed very well for us also (Built by Michelin:)!). And we adopted Barbara's recommended approach tire replacement. Not so much for a financial reason, but because we do the X's 2 and then X's 4 at near the 3 1/2 year mark (+ or - a few months, based upon when we will be in Oregon. Yep, great sales tax savings!). We do this cycle, primarily as we always have Steers at under 3 1/2 years of age. (As long as your Steer and Tag tires are the same size, they can move the Steer's tires back to the Tag position. To allow fresh/younger rubber to be always on the Steer's. And we always work with he tire shop in advance, to ensure Tire Age (Born on Date via the tires DOT stamp.), are 6 months or less. On pricing. Even though we have FMCA program available to us, we always call the tire shop in advance, and ask them to work the numbers. We want to pay the lowest amount possible, and a few times the tire shop could make more profit by not going thru FMCA. And that is OK with us:)! Best to all, Smitty
  3. Ray's suggestion of the Travel Supreme, would be the best DP Class A option to consider. I researched these carefully for a friend about 5 years ago - and lots of positive comments from owners. It's not the classic walk thru the back of the RV into a garage, the garage part (That I've seen Mini Coopers drive out of:)!), is below the bedroom area. And that, if you are a tall person, is a negative, as less headroom in the bedroom area:)! Good luck on your hunt, Smitty
  4. We had zero coverage, not even a sniff, at Tek - and unless you jump the green busses, no Toads to drive back out towards the entrance. We also stayed at Savage, and would drive about 5 miles towards the entrance daily, to check get a signal to check emails and texts. That was 2014, so may have changed. Good general info in the link, thanks for posting! Smitty
  5. Hey RV - I drop in and read, but do not post as often as I used too... Specially on Tesla. I can recall the early days, as you shared your 'zest' for Tesla. And I recall that the fund you put into Tesla, were 'above and separated' from your primary retirement investments (USAA, if memory serves me(?)). So, why the post? Well Sir - You were long, and double, tripped (And probably more!) into Tesla. Me? I was in, and out, of Tesla many times over the years. My strategy, was to always have a declined 'Exit Strategy' on any stock (Tesla was one!) established before purchase... I too have our primary retirement funds off to the side, retaining a bucket of funds that allowed me to stay semi involved in hands on investing. Tesla? Well, I took a look back. I've been in/out of Tesla with Short Term holds 6 times over the years. And the after tax gains have funded many modifications to our coach, as well as supported my 'Got Tube's' HiFi habit. So for me Tesla has done what I wanted it to do... But no question, that if I had hung on, and added when prudent, to my (Well, our!) original investment(s) in Tesla - we would have been substantially better rewarded today... And of course, looking back makes things easy to see from an investment perspective!!! We've done fine with In/Put of Apple, Qualcomm, Boeing, CAT, AWK, DNP, etc., etc. over the last 4-5 years... So no real regrets. As I said to you before, and in this post, these are not our retirement supporting funds - their our 'Go Have Fun', or not, funds!!!! MOSTLY! Wanted to acknowledge how you stood behind Musk, Tesla, over this time... And how well the 'longer term' holds have worked for you. NOT so much for you, but for others that read this forum on investing in the future. For sure, no 'sure' things in life... And diversification, paying yourself first, and preserving primary savings/funds/investments for retirement are prudent. But, at the sometime. Using what interests a person most, and following their 'heart/gut' with a portion of their investments - can pay nice dividends... In your case with Tesla, it was relatively longer holds. In my case, it was In/Out multiple times... On this stock, the 'Longer View' would have paid off with higher overall returns financially. For us? Well, we get some ROI form our In/Out of Tesla over the years, with the 'Dividends' of taking those after taxes funds and putting to 'work' for us with yearly modifications of our coaches... -------- Hope all is well for you, and all. And yes, I keep waiting for Spacex to become available to invest in for 'Mere mortals!':)! Stay safe, and keep having funds. And always enjoy your various posts, Smitty
  6. Buy my new phones via Swapa, and never ever ask Verizon for help if I can avoid it. And then I do it only in a Verizon store, and with clear communication that I do not want anything on my plan changed. (Had to go in for a new SIM, two phone changes ago.). The term Unlimited goods used on many plans on many carriers... Specifically on my Verizon account, I have what I call 'Grandfathered Unlimited Data'. (Started it on 3G a I recall, on a Motorola Droid.) In those days, used PDA Net, and all was well. When PDA net was closed off. I waited until after one of the courts intervention on Verizon, and when I saw I could activate Hotspot again, without losing the 'Grandfathered Unlimited Data', I added it. Due to equipment, and the locations we've been traveling the last few years - probably 85%+ of our streaming and internet has been via ATT (Mobly with SIM in Nighthawk MR1100, with MIMO roof top Mobile Mark antenna feeds.). However the last three weeks, my Samsung S8 on Hotspot, has been our primary connection device. 164+G usage so far. With no signs of De-prioritization, which is appropriate - as my plan is not subject to such... Unlimited, does not always truly mean 'unlimited'. But sometimes 'unlimited' is unlimited:)! We'll see what happens with 5G rolling out:)! Best to all, Smitty
  7. Sure, I'll drink Kool-Aid served from Musk:)! Does he hit it out of the park each time, no. But he's a good track record of accomplishing what many consider unachievable. And wasn't it nice to see we have individuals still with the courage to at least try... I'm a Musk fan, and when he stumbles - I applaud when he gets up and tries again. $.02:)! Smitty
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wifiranger-Elite-AC-Pack/372859822820?hash=item56d02d62e4:g:eesAAOSwomJd4ons Good price for a well regarded product. Used so do due diligence:)! https://wifiranger.com/images/guides/WiFiRanger_ProductComparison.pdf The above is a good comparison, and shows the distance and cost of that ebay unit. I seem to recall that when they would sell the GOac router by itself, it was in the $200+ range, so getting the Booster Antenna for a bit more in this GOac Used Package, is nice... Best of luck to you, Smitty
  9. We had a Norcold 1200. I upgraded it with Amish Cooling unit, because I did not trust the Mickey Mouse series of recalls... We did add, along with the Amish Cooling unit, the rear Halon SS30 Extinguisher and a dedicated rear of the fridge smoke detector. And, we bought the ARP board, which I think is a good addition for any three way fridge, but did not install it. We started to see failures of the 1200 in other areas. And since we had upgraded our battery bank, added solar and Inverter - decided to switch to residential Samsung RF18 instead of putting more funds into the 1200. IMO, the Norcold 1200, even with Amish Cooling Unit - is still a less then ideal 3 Way Unit. For those with non Norcold 1200's? Well, I do see lots more flexibility and 'non grid' capability of these units. If you have a fridge that size wise meets your needs - I recommend you consider your RV'ing style, and not be shy of retaining a 3 way fridge!! All IMO, factor safety first - any reservations, spend funds on a mod to residential. Our decision was two fold. We had spent as much on fixing our 1200, as it would have for a Residential. And when indications came in that we needed to again spend these funds, well... As well as, we were spending up to 7-9 months a year traveling. So a larger fridge and freezer, was a no brainer for us... (Though, we do miss our two junk drawers we lost in the swap out to the Samsung RF18)... No right or wrong on this, just choices... Consider what you feel is important to you. BUT, if any doubt about the SAFETY of your fridge - well, get rid of it... Best to all, Smitty
  10. Yes to pictures and phone number... Smitty (760) 415-0733 https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/rvs/d/encinitas-2007-dolphin-lx-34ft/7024374787.html
  11. Believe I saw this unit on San Diego Craigslist, might have a way to connect with the seller via that method... Smitty
  12. This would be the ISM, and in that era good chance it is pre EGR, and a fine engine. Miles are not a concern, and the descriptions of the care and recently new items is a positive too. We're to looking, but for those who prefer under 40', and especially if they want to tow a heavier trailer or toad - the power and tag are a good combo. Yep, the tag does take away from some of the basement storage:)! U320's, in 40' trim, were on our short list when we were shopping... The DW usually found the Foretravel's to have a smaller galley then what she wanted. But, many owner's find them to be just fine (And to put that in perspective, the coach we ended up buying - was 90% because of the 10' non slide galley... I had wanted a larger displacement ISM, C12 or DD60's block engine, but DW saw the galley - and it was game over...). Hope the OP can link more info and pictures, and wish them luck on the sell!! Best to all, Smitty
  13. I bought a 1968 VW Fun Camper (Not Westphalia, no pop-up roof.), in 1979 or so. It had a ice box, small sink, fold bed. We really enjoyed that it... Remember I picked it up in San Luis Opispo from a good friend (And yes, good enough that we both were aware and agreed this was a 'as is' deal - no way we'd let a vehicle impact a friendship:)!). Drove it down to San Diego during a day of Santa Ana winds. I quickly learned to slow down in those winds, and would use the turn indicator as the wind pushed me out of the slow lane into the fast lane of Hwy 101 - not much I could do about it!!! (I did change shocks, wheels, tires and repaired a few of the steering bushings and such - and that did help 'handling' (Handling, it was a 68 VW Van! Handling meant it sort of went in the direction wanted it to go, and slowly up hills too!!!). Dual batteries were also added. Wish I had hung onto it, as we missed it as our combo 2nd vehicle and mini truck. We'd go buy X-mass Trees in this thing, and deliver and set up one at my Mom's and MIL's house every year... My daughter still talks about being trapped in the back with two trees!! Best to all, Smitty
  14. We also added 'Stated/Agreed to Replacement Cost' (Or some such wording.), on the unit itself in case of a catastrophic lost. We've added quite a bit to this unit, and no that to get anywhere near the same amount of replacement RV - NADA pricing would not cover it. Not all companies will do this, but we found ARP Hartford would do this for us. Best to all, Smitty
  15. Great timing, for non slide coach! This is a rolling classic! If looking for a non-slide, this unit is really in great shape. (I walked thru and around it probably 3 times, while getting work (Nope, not my slides:)!) - this coach was garage kept, and even down to the OEM Southwestern Bedspread matching the Valances (The era, this was a 'thing'!)... Would prefer a Concept towards the later years with the DD60 Series - but the great shape of the coach, and Gillig bus chassis, would not make me too unhappy with the 450HP of the 8V92:)! This coach, the Country Coach Concept, really raised the bar for the higher end models from say Monaco or Foretravel - they really had to dig pick up the game!! (Of course, that's all IMHO:)!) Smitty https://www.premierrvservices.com/1992-country-coach-concept-40/
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