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Storm equipment


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I am looking for ideas for a weather radio

I have used a NOAA radio for years however being a full timer I really dislike having to figure out what county then having to input codes etc.


Is their anything ( that's good) that you do not have to jump all those steps?


Thanks much


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I have a weather radio but never turn it on much anymore. It's difficult to set for your area and once they start sending warnings they seem to never stop. I sleep real good usually during a thunder Storm but the weather radio would keep me awake. I won't be able to do anything anyway. No storm shelters in the campgrounds I have stayed in. If it's my time there's nothing I can do to prevent.



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We have an Eton Scorpion . Excellent radio that automatically picks up the local NOAA broadcast . No having to search , other than maybe changing frequencies which is simply a push of a button .


Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio, Compact and Power Packed For Extreme Conditions.

  • Features:
    • Digital AM FM Radio Tuner
    • NOAA Weather Band
    • Built-In LED Flashligh
    • Large Solar Panels
    • USB Cell Phone Charger
    • Crank Powered
  • Here's the best price I've seen :


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We just use the Storm app for iPad/iPhones while driving and stopped. Location services pinpoint your position and audible or banner alerts can be programmed. It also can " futurecast" to show movement. Found we don't need a radio anymore.

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I use My RadarPro on my iPhone and iPad. It knows where you are and shows you radar, weather forcast, wind speed and direction as well as notifing you of weather alerts. Works great.

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I recently bought a Uniden Home Patrol-II police scanner that has the weather channels on it. This unit is easy to use by just typing in the zip code and it programs itself for the local weather and police frequencies. It's not cheap at $450, but I like knowing what is going on locally while in new places.

My truck Cobra CB also has the weather alert on it which I don't like, scares the heck out of you when you don't expect it.


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We do have the NOAA hand crackable power emergency radio, and if we suspect dangerous weather, we will turn it on.


We make it a point to know the County we're in when stopping overnight.


We both have apps on our phones that provide weather alerts. We have both Verizon and ATT phones, so we have pretty good coverage.


One tip we learned at Oh-Too-Early AM, is if you set certain area to send you alerts, be sure to remove it... (We had set an area near Wall Lake in Minnesota to keep Alerted. (Took a few hour drive to Fargo for sight seeing, and left our dog slumbering int he coach. Wanted to keep tabs on the weather, so we could return if weather was heading into that area.) We neglected to turn it off, and about 4-5 days later, we got a nice Alert at about 1:45AM:)!)


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