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  1. Sounds lovely. Just make sure those refrigerators are bear proof . . .
  2. Many Love's Travel Stops have propane tank fill stations and there is usually plenty of room to maneuver there. Call first to make sure the one you are considering is set up and staffed to fill an onboard tank in a motorhome, not just the portable cylinders.
  3. You can also call directly to the park ahead of time and ask for their advice. If you book through Reserve America, which is taking over so many of the state park reservation systems now, be aware that they do not know details of the individual parks. On the park's website, find their direct phone number and chat with them about their recommendations. They can even steer you to what sites might be best most suitable for you (like the pull-throughs SWharton mentioned). Each park and each state is very different. Call each one. It can really be worth it. Meanwhile, sandsys is also right.
  4. Some states' state parks are honoring their camp host commitments, even if the campgrounds are closed. I host a lot in VA state parks, and that is their procedure (at least so far--things can change on a dime nowadays). They have their hosts working maintenance tasks since there are no campers to tend to. If you are interested, VA state parks take applications through a central person in Richmond. I don't know if they will be taking new hosts on or not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. You can start the process by going to the VA State Park website and searching for camp host opportunities.
  5. Terrific info. Armed with your replies and my phone traffic app, we'll be in good shape. Thanks!
  6. Maybe it will help if I travel on Sunday, instead, and avoid the construction activity. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Need to get from Montgomery AL to Nashville TN and all roads lead through Birmingham. Looking at the map, there doesn't seem to be a reasonable roadway around the actual city of Birmingham. For those in the know, how bad of a road is I-65 once you get into the city? I would be aiming for late a.m. on a weekday. Tips and advice welcome. Thanks!
  8. If you have a smart phone, check for a leveling app. My iPhone has a compass app that came standard and if you open it up then swipe left, the phone becomes a level.
  9. Which lifetime? The longer I live, the more all those places and peoples and situations feel just like that. Another lifetime.
  10. I also can access my outside shower water lines from under the bathroom sink so, in freezing weather, I leave that cabinet open so the warmth of the RV gets to the pipes. On the outside, I put bubble wrap into the outside shower compartment to help insulate against the cold from the access door.
  11. How long since you last used it? If it's been a while, try spraying some lubricating oil down there from the rooftop mount, then go inside and try to spin it.
  12. Spot--Re the chickens, I lie not... Had a family with half a dozen chickens stay for a few days at a Virginia state park. They were lovely creatures and very well behaved. Stayed outside and, even when the family was away from the site having fun, the chickens stayed close to their RV, toodling around, clucking a soft song, and entertaining the passers-by. Also saw a fellow camping in a Texas park with a goat. Delightful!
  13. What was the problem and the fix?
  14. Anyone ever use an air horn in an aggressive dog situation? I got one for bears and have started to carry it all the time now for off-leash, aggressive dogs, too, but haven't had a chance to test it (hope I don't get the chance!). I suppose another benefit is it would immediately call attention to the situation in case help is needed.
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