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et senior hitch


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The hitch is bolted into the sidewalls through the three mounting holes in the angles (supplied).




Holes are pre-drilled for 3/4 inch grade 8 bolts. Locations of the holes in the angle shown below.



There are lots of "extra" holes in typical rails, there is nothing "magical" about the locations shown, if there is a hole close to the locations shown drill a new hole in the angle, much easier than going through a hardened frame rail.


Does this help?

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This guy wanted to be able to pull anything with gooseneck ball,



48 foot SpaceCraft with the ET air hitch



then bunch of stuff with pintle and class VI receiver when he and his buddies would go off the grid with their monster 4-wheelers


Still raw,



Finished unit.



We extended the frame and designed and built everything you see above.


The customer was a designer and was going to do his own bed, he gave us the work he was "nervous about".

We were not "nervous".


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Glen. I have 132" from back of fairings to end of hitch/frame. With Smart to pin about 56". I did have 59" before I changed to ET.


My frame has about 6" cut off. Wished it was still there.


Try for min 60" pin to side of car. And if you want the newer Smart one day then for sure 60 at least.


Henry has a good pic somewhere of the frame stinger extention you could make any length you need. Maybe even the drawings for you.


That would be the simplest way.

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Glenn If you wish I could send my live-data weight and balance spreadsheet and then you could just input your axle positions and empty weights then just place your hitch and cargo loads in any locations and you will see all wheel position weights change live with every change you make.


The spreadsheet also has your trailer hitched up so that any weight changes you make to your trailer changes the live hitch weight on the truck and of course at your trailer axle / wheel positions (of course you need to add or subtract any known tire delta from side to side).


Just send me a email to ; mmcdan3189@aol.com and I will send the spreadsheet attached to a return email.




Drive on............(Let the fun times-----roll)

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