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Dodge Truck Owners---Are you going to sell it back to Dodge?


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It looks like my Dodge might be on the government buyback list.


I like my truck, but the "steering" issue gives me concern. Also I have had the entire exhaust system replaced under warranty and it appears that problem is NOT solved.


So what would make you sell it back?? Thoughts??

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The NHTSA gave the company a “reasonable allowance for depreciation” on the price they’re willing to pay for nearly 579,000 affected vehicles. The following vehicles are eligible for the buyback program:

* 2008 to 2012 model-year Ram pickup trucks that have either steering problems or axle problems, or both.
* 2008 to 2012 Ram 4500 and 5500 super duty pickup trucks, for steering problems;
* 2009 to 2011 Dodge Dakota trucks, for axle problems;
* 2009 Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen SUVs, for an axle problem.

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I don't think I would get rid of anything prior to 2007 if its a diesel.


Looks like the value of my truck is 35,000 or so. I paid 43,000 in 2010.


It is a Ram 6.7 Laramie 4X4....I guess I need to find out how much a new truck is today!!

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My 2006 with only 130k miles is a keeper unless I can find the same 2005/6/7 5.9 Cummins truck in a long bed for an even trade in the same shape. I have the tow issue resolved for short bed, but prefer the long bed for a number of reasons, one of which is not ease of parking in today's subcompact spaces.


I sold my 92 Dodge Cummins 1 ton dually with somewhere around 600-750k miles on it to my mechanic for top dollar. (the odometer broke at about 450k miles in the middle of our RV travels full time but the speedo worked-$250-500 bucks to replace wasn't getting done as long as the speedo worked) I sold my 2002 Dodge Cummins 2500 with 425k miles on it looking like a year old truck and driving like one save for the Dodge steering issue.


This 2006 has a slight lift and performance suspension that is OK but I prefer stock. Cornering is unbelievable. I get right at 19-20 mpg because I can't help putting my foot in it. It is one fast truck.


I am taking it in to the dealer for the airbag exploder replacement recall in two weeks.

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The key is reasonable depreciation who determines it? Who's monitoring it? I would much rather have recalls fixed than chew on a new note... Luckily, my 09 SRW 3500 2X4 isn't affected..


Reading between the lines on the government side.....my guess is somewhere around private party blue book.


Otherwise, Dodge gets to make money off your trade-in and that defeats the purpose of the fine and recall. Of course, we do have the "best government money can buy". I assume the Federal government no longer owns parts of Chrysler.

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As I read it.......


The owner of a recalled "buy-back" vehicle has the option of the buy-back or have it repaired.


When a vehicle is bought-back, the dealer can repair the vehicle and re-sell it..


Soooo - actually a nice option if you were considering a newer (any brand) truck.


No need to trade it in, as there is *NO* trade-in.


Purchase a new truck (any brand) from a much better negotiating standpoint.


Also - seems there should be lots of repaired buy-back vehicles availabe at xln't prices.


Seems like a win-win all the way around for the owners of the buy-back vehicles - as well as those

who would consider a used/repaired Ram. (Wonder what kind -if any- warranty might be offered?).


BTW - VERY satisfied with my problem free 2005, 3500 Short Bed, SRW, QC, 5.9CTD.

(Way, way better than the 1T Ferd diesel I had)



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Here's a bit more information. http://www.nbcnews.com/business/autos/fiat-chrysler-must-buy-back-hundreds-thousands-ram-pickups-n398911


We have a 2013 RAM and yes it's a whole new vehicle that just happens to look like the older versions. But I'm sure happy with ours. I'm not so sure anyone who owns one can take up this deal. It's my understanding you have to have a matching vin#.



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