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Love this Refrigerator


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But it's not a Volvo :o

Thank goodness for that.

If it was a Peterbilt I would've already ordered it.


Actually we do need a new refrigerator so I forwarded a picture to my wife and told her I had ordered it and would be in next week jokingly of course. Yeah that went over well.

Probably because she knows there's a good chance I would buy one if I found it.

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GUYS--We are talking a MASSIVE new market...fridge and freezer wraps! Wait...on second thought forget I said that. What was that patent attorney's # again.... :ph34r:


My daughter is just graduating from college next week as a "Graphic Designer." I'll have to show her her new career...! :rolleyes:


Possible apps:

JD farm tractor (or IH!)

Hotrods/ antique cars (how about the tail end of a model T?)


Sports Illustrated ...... <_< .

Pictures of "horizontally challenged" people (remind you to stay away from the fridge!)


and of course--the stack of "beverage" boxes! B)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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