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  1. Kirk,

    Hope all is well. We domiciled in Texas last year and have Escapees mail service where this might be a better question to ask;

    We do not have our mail envelopes scanned and get our mail delivered as infrequently as one month. I worry about getting a notice for Jury duty and not having time to respond.  Did you ever have a concern?

    I might call Escapees because this surely has come up before. 





  2. We domiciled in Texas in November of 2019. We moved from Missouri. Filed a partial yearly state income tax return in Missouri so they get the idea we moved. Our auto and trailer insurance went down with the move to Livingston Texas from Missouri. Geico rocks! Also considered Progressive and USAA. I've used my auto insurance already and am 110% satisfied with Geico in Texas. We also considered South Dakota but was advised by Kyle of RVer Insurance Exchange to stay clear of South Dakota for our healthcare needs because they lack plans. We had no pre-existing conditions and nine months later one of us would be Medicare eligible. Ending up buying off the government exchange and found good doctors in Livingston. We liked both Texas and South Dakota because of Missouri where we have family. Also, frankly, we did not want to domicile in a state we never intended to visit later. Texas has much to offer for touring and great winter spots. Friends went to South Dakota to domicile. Big advantage is ease of registering vehicles and getting DL's compared to Texas. They received vehicle and trailer tags from South Dakota in the mail. Then visited the state for a night and got their DLs in a few minutes. Texas requires special drivers license if combined vehicle/trailer or RV gross weight capacity exceeds 26,000 pounds. Was not a problem after studying a few days for written test. The driving portion was easy at the Livingston Texas facility where they are used to RVs. No personal property tax for vehicles and trailers in Texas when renewing tags. Low to no tax at grocery stores. Not sure about South Dakota. Absolutely love being an Escapees member. The mail service is second to none. Good luck in your decision and hope I provided a few things to think about.
  3. Welcome to the class of 2019 SteveCampsOut!
  4. Sounds like you are setup for longer boondocking stays. That's a plus in that it gives you more choices on where you stay. We are setup, or making adjustments, trying to hit a 2 week goal for electric only hookups. So far we would just have to add about 30 gallons of fresh water as our waste tanks will handle it. We have a 30 amp generator but still try and find at least 30 amp connections in a park. We decided so far not to plan to far out ahead of us, so the ability to take a spot with less services is a plus as the parks we like fill up such as state and corp. of engineers. We don't like having a place to be at a certain time although we are scheduled in late April at the factory for minor RV repairs. By the way you may already know you can buy an annual pass ($80) for Corp of Engineer parks which cuts you stays to half price. If you are 62 or older the annual pass is good for a lifetime. American the Beautiful pass is what it's called. We kind of pick an area we want to be and gradually meander towards it. Hate moving more than 200 miles at a time or spending any less than 2 days in a spot. Once we arrive at the park/spot we decide in a day or so if we want to extend our stay, hence not having too many reservations setup ahead of our travels. Waiting the winter out sounds good! I know the feeling when friends that you came to know start moving out. Causes hitch-ich and the desire to move as well. But, seems like in some cases new friends just move in behind them. I retired in October of 2019 so I'm still adjusting to that change as well. It's about equally as hard as moving into the RV lifestyle. The wife had been retired already and established a routine at our old sticks-and-bricks house. I think she is having more trouble than me making the switch in terms of how she spends her days. Finding those friends in the parks for longer term stays has been a huge help.
  5. Got a new truck and it came with a nearly new Curt Q20 slider fifth wheel hitch. Currently in a Ram truck but I believe you can change out the base to work in other models puck systems. Got to get rid of it asap as we are moving Thursday and I want to but my own hitch in the truck. We are staying at the Escapees park in Livingston TX. Selling it for $500 which is less than half it's value. Posting it here just in case someone is near and can use it. Mark 816-985-9280 - texting or phone call is fine. I'm in a hurry to sell it.
  6. We just completed our 5th month as fulltime. Wife and I also worked through having a cold which in her case even included a call with a doctor through a telemed online service. Had to replace the truck while stopped, fortunately at a decent park. So some big things as well. We definitely like the decision to go full time although there are briefer times when we still stop and wonder if this was the best thing. Life goes on like normal. Sickness and truck issues or whatever. I agree the ability to be flexible and remembering this is not a vacation makes us more full-timers than not. Lots of challenges out there. The key is are the hassles worth it. We think so. So glad to have met so many others who taught us so much. So glad we tend to stay a week at a time, and twice for monthly stays, as we learn this way of life. The support system from our new neighbors is awesome. Seems like in just a couple days you get to know them. The wife is able to talk to neighbors about her concerns and the emotions of it. I'm also able to get second opinions from the neighbors. Really great support system to include everyone here on this forum.
  7. I take a photo of most numbers I need to remember and just save them on my phone or the cloud. For example our account number, locker number and security code to get into our 10x5 storage unit. I don't miss my sticks and bricks home even in the least. Too excited about seeing what is ahead. Most of the emotional stuff for me is just the rush to get things finished up. We still have our Missouri driver's licenses for a month or so. Feeling rootless is part of the thrill of it all. The guy parked next to us and his wife have been on the road 7 years and hoping for 10 more. He correctly commented most people do major changes in their live every six years or so anyway. So someday moving back to a common sticks and bricks home may just be another one of those changes in
  8. Well I knew there was no state income tax but now I know I don't even have to file a return with them. Bonus!
  9. Thank you Kirk for the continued input into our class of 2019 thread. I just learned something from your post - about it being a good idea to do a partial tax return to your old state. We are arriving in Livingston the first of December to finalize our domicile. I'll make sure to do an 11 month tax return for Missouri from where we are moving. And then a state return for Texas on that last month. Mark
  10. I'll cross mine also. Good luck. That final month or two of getting ready was crazy. We are taking the next couple days to heal!
  11. It's official. We moved into our fifth wheel full time last night. House is sold but closing was delayed. We decided to go ahead and move out. Parked in a wonderful county park for now. Started planning September 2014. Thank goodness for having the time to take this in small steps.
  12. Congratulations Cheryl, We have similar good news to report as well. After much effort and considerable emotions we got our house ready for sell. Sold in three days for slightly more than asking price. New would be owners wanted to move in August 8th but we asked to push closing off until August 26th. We are on the road traveling and will be home just long enough for the final sale of possessions and moving stuff to a small (10x5) storage unit. We are going to domicile in Texas. Although I'll be at my current job until maybe the first of October, I figure we will join Escapees as soon as possible and get our mail service setup. Hoping we can travel around for a couple months then head to Livingston to finish off the residency stuff such as driver license and insurance. Got to find a local doctor as well.
  13. Thanks. I wish the house was at 100% of what I wanted it to be when it goes on the market but it will be close enough. If our schedule works out we will be away on a camping trip the first two weeks it's on the market thereby giving the relators free run of the place to include us not having to move the dogs out. Around here they are also selling quickly. Congrads on your sale! I figure once it sells there will be a 30 to 45 day closing period, although our last house way back in 2003 sold in two days and we had to be out in two weeks. Got the fifth wheel and a place to park it so we are hoping we have to move into it early Good luck getting that class B purchases ASAP. Mark from Missouri
  14. Welcome to the group ROUS! Many of us here are not yet fulltimers. Keep us posted on your progress so we can learn from it and also share the successes. Karen and I are working hard to get our home on the market which is a big hurdle we can't wait to climb over. The rest seems so easy from then on.
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