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Danielle's and my new "game" is to count how many pictures are taken of the rig while driving in an hour. Right now the record is 5. This mostly happens on Interstates (or that is where we can observe it easily).


It is interesting - when we pulled into the campground n Mayo for the Solar Rally (staging) this December a person down the street said that they had a picture of us. It was taken by a friend of theirs, just a couple of hours before we arrived. She even showed it to me on her phone. Sure enough, it was us, on the way there.... small world.


The situations "can" get a little dangerous with people driving right next to you for long periods of time, and sometimes not paying attention. So be observant of people passing you....

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That's me, it was very interesting reading all the comments that were posted some get it and some don't, also got a kick out of the comments about how much stuff the guy that took the picture had on his dash.

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Jack, your reputation has always preceded you.


Now, Now, Jim, we have to be careful to not become eliteists... oh wait! We already are, by definition. Fancy that!


I have tried a few times to help correct the misinformation. It is like trying to get a juicy bug off the windshield at 60 mph with just the wipers. No matter what one does, it just makes it worse.

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Eliteists.......humm.......for sure I did not feel like a elitist three days ago getting shoe-horned into a Rebel mini-mart ($2.48 Gal) and had just started filling the driver tank when three guys wandered over and started making snide comments about like......."is the truck big enough"......"how big of a credit card limit does it take to fill the beast".....I knew that these guys were not open to hearing any facts so.....I smiled and said......"ya I agree I wanted a BIGGER ttuck but the wife said this is as large a truck I could have....... and after I retired we had our credit cards dropped to $25K each because us old geezers seem to always be leaving them at Wal-Mart".


They smiled.....I smiled.....Then I ask do you boys have trucks.......they pointed to a 3500 Durmax....and two DW Cummins Dodges with dirt bikes......I smiled and said ......maybe next year your wife will let you get a bigger truck..........


Might as well have fun if the folks have already formed opinions.........


Sometimes other RV'ers will stop and ask good questions, and I try to answer best I can, BUT I always tell folks HDT is not everones cup of tea so try one out and consider all points, also drop by the forum to get other views.




Happy travels

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It is useless to try very hard to correct many of the people that comment on these things. To start with most are not even RVers and have no concept of RVs, etc. Or any real desire to consider anything outside of their own little bubble.


Some people are truly open to new things though and for those I do carry on a conversation....but most people have not got a clue. And don't want one, either....

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I like how the guy/girl that posted the picture took the time to white out their loose leaf log book so no one can see his/her hours.


Regarding the is your truck big enough comments, I usually tell them if they keep feeding their truck right maybe one day it will grow up to be a big truck.


The how much does it cost to fuel that thing drives me nuts. It cost me the exact same as it cost you to fill your vehicle up. I just pay for it less often than you do.


I do enjoy the positive attention the truck gets. I love to talk about my truck.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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