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Warning to those with new RV's


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I do nto know how many new RV's are equipped with a brushed nickel gooseneck faucet in the kitchen and lightweight taps on either side, but I know many manufacturers use the same suppliers. If you do have a newer RV with a gooseneck faucet make sure it will not swing 360 degrees. Here is what happened to me. I stopped on the roadside to take a pee and forgot to switch the pump off after. I hit some rough construction and the gooseneck vibrated around over the counter, and the taps (which also barely have to be touched to turn on), came open. I emptied my water tank into my trailer. Fortunatly this happened in Az and it was low humiduiy and hot so the inside dried out vewry qwuicly with no dmaage, but now I have to have it opened up underneath to get all the soaked insulation out. I am going to replace the faucet set.

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Well - any fixture is prone to do that. We bounced a shower handle once and did the same thing. We have a bladder tank and usually that is enough for the quick stops and flushes. And the pump does much better.

We have a bladder accumulator tank, too, which also means quiet flushes at night on potty trips without turning the pump on.



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Any fixture prone to do that? I just checked our kitchen faucet and it certainly doesn't go 360 degrees. It is a single lever, you know, push up for on and down for off. If that lever jumps up to on, this fiver will be in some savage yard with a snapped frame. After traveling to Alaska and frost heaves last summer, that lever never came up, as we turn on the pump when stopping and the water never flowed. Telcoman gave a real good heads up to folks to check their faucet!

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Certainly not limited to newer RVs or faucets! An earlier fiver we had (91 Alpenlite) had a kitchen faucet with the single handle. traveling north on 95 north of Barstow I had to stop and make a small repair and proceeded to wash my hands in the fiver. Left the pump on (big mistake) and something in the kitchen sink bounced up and hit the lever. Stopper was in the drain so the sink filled and then water was all over. One fellow passed up and honked while pointing to the rear so we stopped and discovered the problem. The fresh tank was empty.


Might also note the reason for the original stop was our bike rack on the rear of the fiver had broken and we were dragging the bicycles.


Upon arriving in Las Vegas we discovered our coffee carafe (under counter unit) had fallen on the floor and shattered (big mess). Went into town to buy a new pot and decided to cruise up the strip. When heading back, waiting for a left turn light, we were rear ended by a limo! We had just purchased the 2000 F550 in Tucson a few days earlier.


We always refer to that as the day from He!!.



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We had the same thing happen to us except the fresh water tank holds 100 gal and the grey only holds 50. We're in a motor home and we heard the water sloshing in the sink after the tank was full. The cause was the same. We now make sure the pump is off when we drive. Unfortunately, we were headed to a winter stop for a month and the temp didn't get above freezing. It took to getting to our next stop in Arizona before everything got dried out.

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