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  1. We run RV caravans to Mexico. (www.mexicocaravans.com) We decided to suspend them this season. Hospitals are under stress for starters. We are resuming next November when hopefully this will have at least receded to a low level. I have 4 Mexican friends who have died of Covid. Arkieguide you say you led caravans, we are on the lookout for new wagon masters.
  2. This is a common problem. My parents are in their 90's and are being rather inconsiderate by staying alive and delaying my inheritance. They do have a garden so we are thinking they may as well be useful ,and we are planning to compost them.
  3. Hate to brag but we do seem to be handling this better in the great white north. I think the key has been keeping politics out of it. https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/07/03/canada-flattens-coronavirus-curve-newton-newday-vpx.cnn
  4. Stay away from those horrible disease carrying grandkids. We sold ours to gypsies
  5. even a basic mask will cut safe distance down from 6 ft to about 2 feet if both are wearing them. It is very difficult to stay 6 feet away.
  6. I'm making one out of saran wrap for my wife
  7. We have 2 N95's left over from when my wife was on chemo and had to fly. They did nto want them as they were out of the original packaging. We are saving them in case we fly. I suspect they should be available to the general public in a few months again
  8. There were idiots back then as well
  9. I wonder it they had this problem during the black plague?
  10. Nursing homes also got hit hard here in Canada. The big thing that has made the difference here is that the message from the top has been both firm and consistent and the population has co-operated for the most part. That has enabled us to keep our economic hit at a lower level. Some provinces like BC did not even have to totally lock down. I find it hard to believe when I see commentators on networks like Fox (yes we have that on our cable in Canada) saying that an expert like Dr Faucci is lying to people. That is criminal, IMO.
  11. everything in the US seems to have become political these days. It is not helpful, and I think the fact the US has one of the worst records on this despite being the worlds most affluent country illustrates just how bad things are. If this had been the norm in WW2 we would all be speaking Japanese & German now. It really is distressing.
  12. Pretty ingenious I think and it probably works fine. Mexico is the biggest consumer of bottled water in the world so those containers are everywhere and cheap.
  13. Both are best, but since it is pretty well determined the main vector is respiratory droplets rather than surfaces, a face shield is probably pretty effective Like this lady in Mexico
  14. It is incredible t how, in the US, this has become such a political thing. I always wondered how climate change could become so political, now something as basic as common sense health has become political. Are peoepl so dumb they can't see the obvious? Thank god its not a zombie apocalypse.
  15. I fail to see why some people are so inconsiderate of others. My parents lived through the blitz. They say this inconvenience is nothing. They had to black out their homes and huddle in there as bombs fell, and to top that off they were starving. Are we really this spoiled and self centered?
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