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  1. So LJB, you did not say how much you want to spend nor how close you want to be to Austin. We lived in Austin for 25 years until we started full timing in 2013. We have stayed in nearly every park around the metro area. We now prefer a smaller park about 50 miles from the center of Austin. Very well acquainted with the owners. The park is not a resort with concrete roads and sites and no pool but has very good fhu's and is within walking distance to groceries and other items you may need. I won't mention the monthly rate because we like it and don't want to be squeezed out but it's under four bills a month for FHU's. PM me if you want and I'll give you more info. Dave
  2. Depending on where you're at most independent "Ace Hardware Stores" still cut keys the old fashion way with a key cutting machine. Had some cut in an Ace a year ago in Iowa. Dave
  3. Now that's funny and I know funny. But you need to be prepared when folks with the mental capacity of a banana start posting that it doesn't work.😂 Dave
  4. The company I worked for in the 1990's sent me and several other machinists to The Netherlands for six months to work in their factory there so we could be fully trained on the new products they were introducing here in the USA. Cut to the chase, many of our Dutch colleges were already driving vehicles fueled by LPG. LPG fueled vehicles are and have been in this country for years but there is still a need for diesel engines for the transportation industry because at this moment in time some form of truck brought you goods and services. I say this because I also was a professional steering wheel holder for ten years before retirement. Dave
  5. Our 04 Volvo 630 has the ZF Meritor Freedomline two pedal 12 speed with hi/low reverse. It uses an air clutch system with a clutch actuator to engage the gears in full auto or skip shifting when in manual mode. When Meritor started to build these for Volvo they found that with all the modules and electric components that had been built into this unit to try an achieve a true automated manual they discovered that it wouldn't perform on a twelve volt system. So to cure this they engineered a voltage doubler to boost the system to 24 volts. How do I come by this info? An oldtime Volvo tranmission mechanic replaced ours when it went south several months ago when we were still in Texas. This part and a clutch actuator several years ago is the only repair work done to the transmission since we have owned it starting in February of 2013 and over 90K miles. Dave
  6. We also are long with a 42 foot fifth wheel and 27 foot semi tractor so we don't fit just any where. We started our ninth year of full timing in April and still enjoy it. I make res's when we travel and stay in several parks during our trips from Texas to the midwest and elsewhere that we've parked before and like the park, owners, area etc. As far as canceling go a couple of those parks where we are acquainted with the owner-operators they only take cash or check and what seems to irk those folks is people make res's but don't show or forget to call if plans have changed. IMO common courtesy works two ways. Dave
  7. We have carried a Little Giant folding ladder for 8 years and it's been great for us. Paid $149.00 for it at Costco and it fits real nice in the basement of the fifth wheel. Dave
  8. Not wishing to purchase myself but an asking price might attract some potential buyers. Dave
  9. I went with Liberty Mutual last year and saved 1K a year and better coverage. HDT and fifth wheel plus contents with no restriction on bobtailing. Dave
  10. It's pretty easy to get signed up imo. Go to the main office building in the park which is real easy to find and the nice folks in the front office will help you get all set up. If you plan to domicile as you indicated you will need to go to the Polk county tax office and the folks at SKP can tell you exactly what you need to take there become a Texan. Dave
  11. We had a similar problem with the USPS. The problem was NOT with Escapees mail service. Our mail went on vacation for two weeks earlier this summer with stops in Dallas, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta before arriving at our destination. I can't find the tracking post that I copied from the USPS website or I would post it here. We now request the mail to be sent Fedex two day overnight to where ever we are. Costs a little more but we receive it promptly. Dave
  12. Had a king mattress in ours when we purchased but removed that and put in the adjustabeds that we had in our s & b. Gave up some room on both sides but been happy with it on our eighth year out amongst the mass's. Dave
  13. Window hours are 1:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. As always have your ID handy and wear your mask to show consideration for mail folks this year. Dave
  14. Sorry travelinbob I replied too quick I thought you were original poster.
  15. I'm not a Ford, Ram, or Chev fan. I only posted because I thought you wanted some questions answered and he's a guy who probably could help. I've towed our rig the last seven plus years with a Volvo.
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