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Bighorn or Montana


Montana or Bighorn  

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  1. 1. Which of these 5th wheel models do you prefer?

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Before we ventured off into the Class A market/search... only coming full circle back to 5th wheels, we had narrowed down the selection to a few makes/models. This may be too much like asking Ford or Chevy, but of the more prominent manufacturers, the Montana and Bighorn have a couple of models in their line-up that meet the smaller/lighter numbers we want. Which of these would get your vote?

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I didn't answer the poll because I am not well versed on either one and was fulltime in a motorhome, but I did want to simply offer a comment. We did pretty much the same as you, but in reverse. We started looking at mothomes, then decided that we might be smarter to go with a fifth wheel and so went in search of one to make our home. After about six months of study and comparison, the search convinced us that our preference was still a class A and so we did what was needed to make that work for us. But I see us as having gone through the same process and we chose the same RV, in that we chose what felt best to the two people who were to live in it. That is the key to RV selection more than anything that anyone can tell you. The main factor is just a feeling between the two of you!


I wish you only the best and most successful transition to fulltime RV life! :D

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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Having owned a Heartland product (Landmark) and worked on a couple of Montana fivers, Neither of them are built for full time use. I would avoid both and look at Excel or New Horizons ONLY if your looking at a full time rig. They will cost you more but are well worth the investment and they will hold their value much better. I had a hard time getting rid of my Landmark and ended up nearly giving it away.





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If I had to pick one, it would be the Montana. They have more of a following, and the few full timers I have met that have them seemed satisfied.

There are other brands to consider though unless you have to have new. Carriage, Teton, are a few more to consider in the upscale used market.

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I have owned both units. First the Montana in 2007 and then the Bighorn in 2010. Had little problem with the Montana and now have the Bighorn and fulltimed in it for 5 yrs with only one problem which was a big one. Had frame flex and if you don't know what that is the short of it is a broken frame up near the pin box area. But, when it happened I was out of warranty by over a year. I called Heartland and told them of the problem and they said you bring it to our factory in Elkhart IN and we will fix it free of charge to you. That is from what I was told a $15,000 + fix. They said drop it off on a Monday, and pick it up Friday. That's exactly what happened and its as good as new. To me that says volumes about Heartland!




By the way, these units are just fine for fulltiming if you take care of them. Just like any other unit. Even the high dollar units need to be taken care of. Maintenance is a must on any unit and if you take care of problems before they happen you are way further ahead.

Dave & Linda

2011 Bighorn 3670

2000 Ford 7.3 PS diesel white and tan in color Now Fulltiming since May15, 2010


Semper Fi Marines!!

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We travel 4-6 months per year in our Big Horn, it has been one of the best 5th wheels we have owned. No problems whatsoever, never a warranty item. From what I have read Heartland probably has one of the best customer service that is. If you need to have warranty work done you don't need to take it to a dealer, if blessed by Heartland you can take it to anyone you like.


We are currently doing the reverse looking at motorhomes. I will miss the Big Horn, for us it was the perfect layout but life changes.

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I have a BigHorn and we fulltime in it. It has served us well. Maintenance is paramount on any unit. I just finished a total recaulk of the unit. We looked at Montanna as they are very attractive but found our BihHorn which was slightly used at a good price. Good luck with your search.

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I voted Montana, based on the two choices given, for the simple reason that I have owned two Montana's and have been happy with both of them. Both of the Montana's I had/have were Big Sky's, which are their high end models. I have not had any major issues with either of them.


I have not owned a Big Horn/Heartland product, so I cannot comment on them.

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Both are good products. I've been in both and they are well built and have notable similarities, particularly running gear.


We bought a 2012 Landmark (rated for fulltiming) and it has held up very well. The LM is the top of the Heartland line - one step up from BH. The new Landmark 365s are quite comparable overall with Excels at a similar msrp. Both the LM365 and Excel are a full load for a 1 ton diesel dually. The new LM365 Charleston model is 42' long, has 17.5" wheels w/GY114 tires (4805#/each) with 8k# Dexter axles for a GVWR of 17,500#. If I were to replace my LM today it would be with a beautiful 2010 New Horizons being sold by a fellow Escapee for $119,xxx (requires a class 6 or larger truck) or a new LM Charleston (retail around $129,xxx).


Note: I have plenty of truck to easily and safely tow anything on the market.

2005 Safari Simba 37PCT

Fulltimer - resident of Polson, MT

Mostly in CO, MT, NC & KW FL

USAF Retired

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Regardless of which one you buy, make sure that it has a winter package or at least dual pane windows. Also upgrade to LT tires.

<p>....JIM and LINDA......2001 American Eagle 40 '.towing a GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 with RZR in the rear. 1999 JEEP Cherokee that we tow as well.


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We are about to start fulltiming in our 2012 Bighorn. So far we have had no major issues (except for the Power King tires) with the unit which we bought new in November 2011. I voted for Bighorn but I really do not know which unit is the best.

'06 Ram dually and 2011 Keystone Montana High Country

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I have not looked at the new 365 Heartland. Does it have the chassis of the Excel? I doubt it. Between Bighorn and Montana we could not see a notable difference in them. I would lean slightly toward the Heartland units due to their warranty. I have read roughly 90% good. I voted neither.

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We fulltime in our Bighorn. I researched both and felt that they were very similar. But I cannot imagine any better customer service than Heartland. Every 5er has some problems, small and large. Heartland was very responsive and definitive. I am sold on Heartland.

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