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  1. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/08/oregon-state-parks-to-add-temporary-nonresident-camping-surcharge.html
  2. duraduk

    Mt Rushmore area

    We stayed at Custer St. Park for a week. North Stockade CG. No water hook up's due to winter freezing but they had electricity. Had to go to dump station near Park HQ. The following year we spent a week near Deadwood in a forest service CG. Only problem is they charge $5 dollars a day extra for each dog. That wasn't clear on the reservation page. Love the area and would go back. We stayed at the Elks Lodge in Rapid City when we needed to do laundry and stock up on supplies. They have full hook ups and dry camping. Great little restaurant.
  3. I have Mutual of Omaha Plan G. The service has been great. I have never recvd. a bill for anything but my deductible. My $200,000 + stent procedure was fully covered. They do not have Silver Sneakers however.
  4. I occasionally use a Yamaha 2400 which will run my ac easily. The big problem is the amperage needed for start up of the compressor. I installed a soft start capacitor and it works well. The gen. will also run the microwave. But it will not run both at the same time. AC is a Coleman Mach...........
  5. Good Info here and they link to CSR. Always have had good results from therm. DISH Network Support Forum | SatelliteGuys.US
  6. I current tow with a Ram 3500 SRW Diesel and while I was looking at trucks back in 2012 I felt based upon my research all 3 brands would do the job. What came down to my decision to buy the Ram was the personal conveniences the truck provides, ie; seat comfort, folding flat back seat (for dogs) and so on. I bought a Ram mega cab for those reasons. I would take a hard look at all 3 and decide which one fits you. Mine is a pre def truck and the mileage as it compares to trucks equipped with def. is low. I could delete but don't want to deal with the hassle. I only use the truck when I tow (12,000 lb trailer) and only drive 10-15000 miles per year so I tolerate the mileage. I had a 2003 Chev. Duramax and it ate injectors on a regular basis so all brands can have problems. I hear they have fixed that issue. Happy Hunting!
  7. I have the original VuQube and it will not work with the Wally.....................
  8. I just made reservations online at a COE park in Texas. The reservation page asked for my pass number and when accepted. It gave me a discount.
  9. Stones Trailer in San Marcos does trailer inspections...................
  10. I've noticed extra fees at several Federal locations. A lot of Federal Campgrounds are managed by private companies. They lose money on the senior pass discount so IMHO the charge extra fees for utilities. In the Black Hills I stayed at a Forest Service CG where they charge $5.OO extra for a dog.....per dog.......per night. No extra dog services such as poop bags/ no dog area were provided and I never saw the host or maintenance folks out looking for poop.
  11. It is true that the type of RV you full time in is a personal choice. As you are experiencing cost, maintenance, and functionality is the main consideration while living on a budget. While you are still working you might try renting a various RV's to see what you like. IMHO at your point in life you can't afford a mistake. Assess you abilities; can you back a trailer?, feel comfortable driving a motor home?, ECT. There are plenty of references in the RV blogs about cost of different types of RV'ing. I have never owned a motorhome but know several folks that have and I feel that pulling either a trailer or 5th wheel with a well maintained truck is the way to go. At times I would like a smaller vehicle to tour around in but have made that choice to drive a truck.........your needs seem small. Good Luck with your research!
  12. We RV for a average of 4 months a year and have travelled mostly in the west. My rule has been no more that 200-250 miles on travel days. Sometimes we only go 50. Leave around 8 am and in a spot between 2-3. We try to stay at least two days in a location. We only make reservations in tourist destinations and on holiday weekends. A lot of online reservations require a fee to make them and cancel them. The fees are around $7.00 per reservation. Making a reservation and canceling can add fees quickly to your lodging cost. The first year out we overplanned. There are more folks on the road now and I fear that we may have to make more reservations in the future. Prime example is the Oregon St. Parks in the Spring through fall. Travel is situational. Have fun, take your time and don't stress.
  13. You say you have medicare. Is it a supplemental plan or is it an Advantage Plan. A straight medicare supplemental plan you can see any doc anywhere that accepts medicare. An Advantage plan is typically a HMO/PPO type plan that restricts you to a network which is usually based upon the local you reside. Supplemental plans are more expensive but give a lot more flexibility when traveling.
  14. WEIGHTS for the trailer your looking at.....need to compare to stats on the truck..... Average Shipping Weight (lbs.) 7,759 Dry Hitch Weight (lbs.) 1,454 Cargo Capacity (lbs.) 2,191
  15. This outfit was a great help to me....... http://www.rverinsurance.com
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