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Interesting Dash Cam


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I know the topic of "good" dash cams comes up occasionally and I just ran across this one by Garmin. I think I know what I may be getting for Valentines Day :wub: I dropped a hint to my furry children. I bet one of them will get it for me :) I told all three of them I don't need flowers or candy (well, maybe the candy) but I sure would like one of these. :D



It has built in GPS and records date, time and location. It runs continuously when plugged in, and records in HD. It says it has a "G-sensor" to detect hard braking and collisions so it automatically saves the previous, current and next videos.


EDIT: (Cute little review of the camera HERE)

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Garmin sells it for $249, Amazon has it for prices ranging from $199 all the way to, ready for this?, $399 plus shipping. The sad part is that someone will buy the $399 one :)


And Rod, if my furry kids get it for me it'll be cuz I went out and bought it, got myself a card and slapped a paw print signature on the bottom where it says "Love ya Dad". :P

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Wow! It sees into the future? :lol: Cool!

It doesn't "see" the future, it only "records" the future so you can relive that string of funny words you used right after the crash. You can replay it over and over as Gail tells more and more people about "that" day and how you shoulda listened to her.

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Though very proud of their unit, Garmin got it right showing GPS position, speed, date, & time across bottom of saved video.


Now if they would just make a dual or triple camera version so you could point one toward the drivers side window & one towards the back that would save all views (audio & video) in a single synchronized file. That way you would capture what's going on in front, in back, & on the side, all at once. That would be great.

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That looks to be a real nice unit to me. I love the telemetry info overlaid on the video.

Our G1W-c with the Novatek NT96650 seems the way to go on a budget.

These little pups do a great job and are priced so you can stick 4 of them around for

$120 plus some memory chips. Been using for a year and nothing of interest has

been recorded, this is a good thing I think.

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Yar, when I cause an accident I send the pictures to the the other guy to help him out, NOT. .

No, seriously, I use it to help protect myself against untrue accusations about where I've been and what I did.

This litigious time we live in has seen many falsely charged. People have been known to cause an accident

and say you caused it. That's one of the reasons Big5's Garmin is so sweet, speed, time direction with video

record. Would put a quick end to the life of a lie.

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Sure put this on after you talked me into a GoPro a while back.....now what...over???? :rolleyes:

But like Jack said the GoPro is multi...uh..lingual.I can do lots of different stuff...but one thing even it can't do is add GPS to the video. I use my GoPro for kayaking and other cool stuff, and it never fails, I jump in the truck and where is the GoPro? Back there in the trailer. Plus the GoPro is waterproof and holds can hold a 64gig card. The Garmin isn't and only holds a 32g card so it can just stay in the truck.

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But one thing even it can't do is add GPS to the video...........


Well -- There's a way around this ...... Depends on what you want to do with the GPS file.


If it's imbedding a speedometer into the video -- Then it can be done. I'm not saying it's easy - But possible. I experimented making a couple of video's doing this a few years ago. I'll post and you can evaluate if this interests you.






To do this I use a QSTARZ BT-Q1000eX Data Logger and for software I use Dashware.


On Dash Cam's -- -- I like the Blackvue 2 Channel DR650GW Full HD with built-in WiFi.


Another candidate is the ipixi Winycam X200FHD.


FUN Times -- -- I LUV gadgets .. .. .. :D

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I like gadgets too, but simple gadgets. I guess I should have clarified my statement that the GoPro, by itself, could not add GPS to the video, and for the price of the Data Logger, I can just buy the Garmin. Turn it on and it does it for me. No fuss.

The Blackvue is real nice. I hadn't seen it before but for the amount of use a dashcam in my HDT will see, it isn't worth it and I certainly don't need the wifi when the Garmin has a screen and isn't that much larger. I don't need to view it remotely (very limited remotely) and having it's own screen makes aiming virtually idiot proof (I need that :) ). The Garmin also can easily be used to take still photos, something that a camera without it's own screen would make awkward. I have to balance desire, need, use and cost....and consider that forme it is JUST a dash cam

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Got mine this weekend from Bj's online. Put it in the car and will see how it works. Would like to mount it on the motorcycle but would need to get more power than the single power outlet I have now. It doesn't say how water resistant they are. Used a NUVI for a long time on the bike and didn't have any problems with it. Would toss it in a water proof compartment if it was pouring down rain but if it was just a drizzle left it where it was.



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