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Handicap Accessible Motorhome?


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If what you need is a way to get in and out w/o climbing the steps here is a link to a chair lift we had installed to get my wife in and out of our class A. It works great. From the ground, she sits in the chair, the lift brings her all the way up to the inside floor level, and she pivots inside and stands up.


If you need wheel chair access that is a different story.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to have you join in and will do all that we are able to help out.


For rental RVs that are handicap accessible my only advice would be to contact Go RVing to ask for their help. To find one that you can buy I looked at Google and found a long list of advertisements. In addition, you can probably get help from the Handicapped Travel Club.

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Can a toy hauler's ramp be used as wheelchair access or is it too steep? I've wondered this several times but this seems a good time to ask.


Linda Sand


It is probably too steep to manhandle a chair. That said, with some tracks and a winch it should be very doable.

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We are purchasing a Coachmen 315/316 motorhome. Getting it because it is 'open concept' through the living area. May have to jerk out and redo the shower at some point, open up the commode area, but most is open and we can do thereat as needed. Bought this specifically because I am 'mobility impaired', have had an A, just didn't want to deal with an A at this point.

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We were just at Newmars' factory. They had ( 2 ) Baystar ( I think ) motorhomes on the line that had a wheelchair lift built in to the passenger side around mid-coach, in addition to the standard front entry door.

This months Motorhome magazine features one.

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Sorry I haven't thanked you all for your helpful responses. I thought my sister and I might take our 92 year old mother on a road trip, but the three of us have decided it would be too hard on her. Well at least we all had a lot of fun checking our RV possibilities, so there is that.

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