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  1. We have been following an adjustment procedure for our stock and bond mutual funds since the S&P500 reached approximately 2,000. Both have been adjusted downward over that time period. Today we have reached a milestone. Our stock funds have reached zero % of our retirement funds and our bond funds have reached 10% - that is as low as the procedure will take them. So now we wait to see when we will start buying and adjusting upwards. Please don't think we think this is our call of a market top! It is just the result of a systematic reduction of risk based on our tolerance for risk and various market valuations and indices. Our adjustment procedure is not based on trying to identify a top. It does, however, take into account previous tops which tend to initiate the adjustment process. Just thought we would say all this before the top is reached rather than after, when it is too easy to brag about "getting out" at the top!
  2. I see the thread now. Too bad the search engine here did not find it before I posted this article. I searched "Jessica Bruder" and "nomadland" and got no results. Not good.
  3. Sad article about some people living in rvs that we may not be familiar with.
  4. Good advice! And yet look at the people rushing into the "Dow store" today to buy their "suits" at the highest price ever seen. Makes you wonder. Of course, the folks selling those "Dow suits" today may be getting the last laugh, eh?
  5. Amen. About the only investment advice I do read is from Vanguard. They are pretty conservative with their comments about bubbles - they seldom use the word! This article is about as negative as it ever gets (and to me scary) when you compare it to their normal calm remarks. https://vanguardblog.com/2017/09/13/phase-two-of-fed-policy-normalization-entering-trickier-waters/
  6. Here is a more specific article that relates to the inequality and mobility differences in the US and Canada mentioned in the first article: http://billmoyers.com/story/tpp-free-trade-time-retake-english-language/ A quote from the first article: "What about immigration? ...Canadian policies have a strong bias towards admitting immigrants who will confer a benefit on Canadian citizens.... In short, the U.S. immigration system imports inequality and immobility." A quote from the second article: "Unlike manufacturing workers, doctors are powerful enough to get protection. It is not generally possible for a doctor trained in another country to practice medicine in the United States unless they pass a US residency program — for which there is a strict quota on foreign trained students. As a result of this restriction, doctors in the United States earn on average twice as much as doctors in Canada, Germany and other wealthy countries. This protectionism costs the United States roughly $100 billion a year (around $700 per family) in higher health care costs." K&J
  7. This article by a conservative, published in a conservative journal is too interesting (IMO) not to reference here even if it is likely to lead to a bunch of screaming political comments, but I hope not. Talk about an article that makes you think and wonder if he is right. https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/restoring-americas-economic-mobility/ K&J
  8. Here is an article with two videos in it, that you may want to watch to see Senator Elizabeth Warren take on the latest banker-crook. Video 1: "Warren Says Wells Fargo's Stumpf Should Resign, Face Criminal Investigation" Video 2: "Watch Next: Warren Asks Stumpf, Have Your Resigned, Returned Money?" http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-20/wells-fargo-expands-account-review-to-2009-and-2010-stumpf-says K&J
  9. I wondered why the stock market was having a good day and then I found the reason:http://www.marketwatch.com/story/industrial-output-weakens-in-august-2016-09-15 "Industrial production fell 1.1% in the 12 months through August. Manufacturing output fell 0.4% over the year, and mining output declined 9.3%. In August, manufacturing, which analysts said accounts for 80% of total industrial output, fell 0.4%." More hope by speculators for continued "cheap money" (low interest rates). K&J Oops forgot this one on retail sales: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-retail-sales-falter-in-august-2016-09-15
  10. At least some people still have her eyes on those bankers! http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-09-15/elizabeth-warren KndJ
  11. Now you're just being argumentative. I don't think we should waste our time arguing about how much power the Federal gov't has over corporations. I have no idea about how much power this proposal would add or subtract from the Federal gov't, (The elimination of federal income tax on corporations does, however, seem like a fair reduction in that power, but that is not its purpose.) This proposal is not trying to change the balance of power. Its purpose is about the following: "The tax avoidance game is an enormous waste of resources and energy." "The corporate sector as a whole devotes an enormous amount of money and brainpower to tax gaming, which contributes zero to the economy. Many of the financial wizards designing these schemes get very rich in the process, making tax gaming a factor in income inequality." "It also eliminates the enormous cost and waste associated with complying with or avoiding the corporate income tax (there would be some start-up and monitoring costs, of course, but nothing like what current enforcement requires)." KandJ
  12. While reading economic stuff that can easily solve insomnia, we came across this cool idea that some of you may find interesting. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/13/opinion/a-progressive-way-to-replace-corporate-taxes.html?_r=1 K and J
  13. Now here is an interesting twist on "US" manufacturing. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-09-08/china-rises-in-the-american-heartland-giving-as-it-takes-away K and J
  14. Just read this article ("Having Trouble Hiring? Trying Paying More") that relates to your comment. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-09-08/having-trouble-hiring-try-paying-more Imagine that, "paying more!" What an old fashion idea. It dates back to the 70s I think. Back when median real wages stop rising. K and J
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