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  1. Just out of curiosity, would someone living in a corporate owned apartment complex have an adress that is a commercial location?
  2. Oh, OK. We are planning a trip there in the next couple of months, and I was afraid there was something official going on.
  3. The jetpack has nothing to do with your speed caps. It's just the hardware you use to connect to the network. Your data plan type determines how much data you can use before being throttled. As far as the hardware goes, we currently use the 8800L, and have great speeds. However, we are grandfathered in on an old truly unlimited Verizon data plan that is no longer available. We also have a 7700 jetpack that we got through the FMCA program they had with Verizon. We have 50gb per month on that plan for $50/mo, and that plan is also no longer available. We use it to stream video. Between the two jetpacks, the 8800 has the faster speed and can accomodate more devices. We use it as our local network, and our phones, laptops, printer, and weather station are connected to it. If I were just starting out with a data plan today, I would probably go with the FMCA Sprint plan, which I understand is unlimited data with no throttling, and runs about $50/mo.
  4. Can you provide a link to the possible cancellation? I searched, but could not find any announcements from the Canadian government.
  5. The thing about it is that Eudora still works. And works well. It's still available for download from the internet. And, back then you had to pay to remove ads. The codes to plug in to put it into paid mode and remove ads are available with an internet search. And there aren't any ads anymore, but there is a space where the ads would be without the paid mode codes. I've got about 30 mailbox folders that my emails are filtered to. I have a small window for about 8 - 10 of those folders on my screen, so I can see the header for each message as they arrive in the proper folder. It's the best email program I've found in the last 25 years. I'll keep using it until they pry it from my cold dead keyboard.
  6. I still use Eudora. I'm stuck in the 90's.
  7. So glad to see the activities starting back up! Ice cream was on the menu on Sunday at Turkey Creek near Branson, MO.
  8. This afternoon I was at Menards, and stopped by their Key Me kiosk. I plugged in my Trimark cargo bay key, and it was unable to make a copy, or even have one mailed to me. The helpful sales associate suggested a nearby locksmith.
  9. I never had Covid, and still I occasionally have trouble remembering why I went into a room once I walk through a doorway.
  10. All I've heard is sometime before the fall season.
  11. We are in Sumter Oaks right now. The ERPU members over on the part of the park that is going to be renovated have mostly already relocated to the other side. In fact, we walked around the park today, and I don't think there are any ERPU sites over on the renovation side that are still occupied. I understand that this is a major renovation with upgraded electrical and sewer connections. They have already planted those little utility flags showing where the new lines are going to be laid. There was an announcement several months ago from the Escapees management that some parks would be having major improvements done, but it was not specific as to where or when. However, the musical chair movement is done, and they should know now what sites are available. So call the park directly. Don't depend on doing reservations on the website. The work campers in the office know what is going on, and can help you. Ask for Linda.
  12. Welcome to the park! We are here now. We saw you pull in today. You sure have a colorful rig! Very nice!
  13. We bought some rubber backed door mats at Rural King for 99 cents each. Cut them to fit both the interior and exterior steps. They work great! They clean up well with a garden hose. When they get too far gone, just toss them and spend another 4 bucks for a new set.
  14. We have used the Alfa system, and have been pleased with it. It's a little over your price preference, at about $100 - $130. It consists of a booster unit and a repeater. The booster aquires a park wifi signal, and the repeater acts as a router, which feeds a wireless signal to all your devices. So, when you go to a park that limits your number of attached devices to one or two, you can connect the Alfa, and then have internet access for all your laptops, phones, printers, tablets, etc. The booster options include a desktop unit, or a high gain tube antenna.
  15. I got an email from Escapees this morning that said their IT staff is working on a fix.
  16. I'm wondering if it's just me, or if others are running into problems with the Escapees website. When I try to go to links from the RV Parking page to the Rainbow Parks section, I am getting an error page that says "There has been a critical error on your website", and the tab at the top says "Wordpress Error". Anyone else getting these errors?
  17. Be sure to check the services available for the local post office on the usps.com website. Not all branches offer general delivery service. Once you select a post office near where you will be, you can call to see if they have any "special" requirements. If they do, there is often another post office branch not much further away that can accommodate you. We've been doing general delivery for the past 5 years all over the country. Sometimes it's just easier to drive to the next small town 5 or 10 miles down the road to avoid hassles.
  18. We are in the Tampa area, and there are 2 ABC stations. One is owned by Scripps, and programming on it has been pulled. The other station's signal is still being broadcast on the Dish locals.
  19. Last summer, we booked a site at a national forest campground in the Rockies for 2 weeks. We knew there was no sewer at the campsite, but counted on using the blue tote to haul grey water to the dump station. When we got there, we discovered there was no dump station. The nearest one was at a water treatment plant on the other side of the nearest town several miles away. So, we just conserved, and did what you are planning on doing. We made it for the whole 2 weeks, and we only have a 55 gallon grey tank. You should have no problems.
  20. We're hunkered down at Sumter Oaks in Florida, where we've been wintering the last few years. Our normal routine would have us on the road cruising around the country pretty soon, but we've extended our stay here for a while. The worst thing that has occurred per my wife, is the cancellation of the weekly park dinner. That was the night she didn't have to cook, and now that opportunity is gone. "C'est la vie" I said, to which she replied "Lahvee". Hopefully this pandemic thing will resolve itself before it gets too hot down here, and we can travel to cooler climates for the summer.
  21. That company doesn't have any relation to Escapees Smartweigh.
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