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  1. yes I'm in a Class C. It's a big bike and I have 2 dogs and I'm bringing so much stuff. LOL. But ... possible. I'll see. Starting to load it up this morning.
  2. Oh. Dang. I'm going on a long trip (2200 miles), mostly interstate, leaving Wednesday, and spending a month at my destination. So ... just leave the bike at home? I don't have time to get that rack before I leave. I've got this rack: https://www.1up-usa.com/product/quik-rack-single/ Just looked it up ... ARGH. Okay, that lets me cross off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, then! LOL. AM
  3. Thanks. That's the one I was looking at.
  4. I have a great bike rack, hitch-mounted, but it's for my Honda's 1.25 hitch. My RV has a 2" hitch. Folks have told me 'oh you just need a converter. Okay, What exactly should I be looking for at the Auto store or UHaul or Home Depot? thanks AM
  5. And here's the regulator ... good? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081T2V17Y
  6. This is the EMS I bought. I've never used one before but saw it recommended various places. Now I see it doesn't say "EMS" anywhere. hrm.
  7. Okay, thank you! Good to know about the black/grey. I guess I thought that was one of the advantages of a full-hookup. But it sounds like the advantage is that I don't have to stop at a dump station. When I'm ready to dump, I can do so right there. Man I'm glad I asked ... lol AM
  8. I’ve only ever stayed at state parks, which were electric hookup only. Filled freshwater tank on arrival, dumped grey/black when leaving. At a full hookup site, is there a recommended order of hooking up and then unhooking up? Park, level, chock; then: electric? (For slides? Or leave that till last). Then city water with regulator and filter? (I bought both but never used either). Finally, black tank hose into sewer? Do I open the valves for black and grey and leave them open during my stay? And then isn’t there something I need to do for water pump and heater? thanks...
  9. rofl ... you sound like my daughter. 😉 (the one in California I'm going to see ...)
  10. (So, I'd see a "tow/haul" button even on a regular 450 pickup truck? I thought it was there specifically for towing a toad or trailer on the RV.)
  11. This information is PRICELESS. Mark and Teri, thank you so much! I'm feeling far less anxious now. AM
  12. Mark/Teri, Okay thank you for that. Excellent info. So you're saying turn on Tow/Haul mode all the time? Even on the flat plains of nebraska and not towing anything? FWIW the seller told me he usually drove with it on "all the time". Is there a chance that this mode will slow me down too much on the ascent, like not let the engine get past 20 miles an hour or something? Or that's not how it works. I understand that at the peak, I should be going slow, like 40 mph. Then on the descent, the tow/haul mode will keep me there for the most part, while I occasionally brake firmly as you suggest. This "braking firmly" is telling Tow/Haul to go into D2 and D1? Or might I also need to manually shift to D2 and D1 even while tow/haul is on? -AM
  13. Thanks, all great information. I did find a video that explained the downshifting and when/how to do it. I cued it up to when the info starts, 6:35 in. His tach is going up to 3800/4000 when he's descending in D2. That's okay? I have a Ford E450, 2017 (Thor FE29) Looking for a ford manual ... (bought this used a month ago) ... AM
  14. oh ... right! sorry! accident. I'll delete here.
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