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  1. My wife and I enjoy watching the tiny house shows on TV, but there are several aspects that make them very impractical for a completely mobile lifestyle: 1) they do not have on-board fresh water or waste tankage; 2) the trailers and suspension used are just adequate for getting the units from where they are built to the semi-permanent sites most of them end up on; 3) because of the traditional building materials used, many of them are much heavier than an equivalent size RV - and most are built on conventional pull-behind trailers. I'm also not sure how well these building materials and techniques will/would hold up in the long run when subjected to the roads and forces that our fifth wheel RV routinely experiences; In addition to the above, nearly all of the models we've seen (there are some exceptions) have the main sleeping area in a loft. Getting into and out of the loft involves negotiating a ladder or steep, narrow stairs. For us older folks, that's an issue - especially for a middle-of-the-night bathroom run. I'm also fond of being able to stand up in my bedroom... Just my two cents worth. Rob
  2. We have never been in a situation where we felt threatened by people to that degree - but we don't boondock on BLM lands, etc. While camp hosting in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there were bears. The the 9mm I would normally carry won't stop one of them, anyway (bear spray is the best bet, there). My firearms are in storage because of the above and due to the fact that we stay on military facilities whenever possible. Policies vary from facility to facility; some allow personal weapons if declared, others don't allow them at all. The penalties for violating those policies can include loosing our privileges to stay on the latter (and worse). Rob
  3. I've never had a problem with smell with a cassette toilet. You add a chemical to the holding tank with a little fresh water after you empty it. The upper tank holds fresh water for flushing and needs refilling. On the better units the upper and lower tanks come apart so all you have to carry to the dump site is the lower "cassette." Thetford is a major manufacturer of them and I've used them on sailboats since the mid '70s. Rob
  4. I wouldn't want to get out in bad weather to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can plan showers, but potty stops less so. A compromise might be to consider a portable cassette toilet like used in smaller pop-ups and small sailboats. It would handle emergencies and you can walk to the bathhouse to shower during daylight or when the weather is better. Rob
  5. When he corrected himself, he said, "...with regular driver license." I merely wanted him to know that a regular Class C license wouldn't cut it and that there was something else required. Didn't mean to offend. Rob
  6. Not true on Texas. Over 26K a Class A Exempt (non-commercial) driver's license is required. Rob
  7. You can tell he takes really good care of the truck, too - mix of tires and wheels, etc. Rob
  8. DO NOT install a hitch receiver on a square tube RV bumper. The bumpers are not built to withstand the forces generated by things mounted to them and are notorious for breaking the welds and being dragged down the road. Have a competent welder weld a good-quality receiver to the trailer frame. You and your stuff will be much safer. Rob
  9. The comprehensive covers the rig for any damage while it's parked. The renter's policy covers us for liability for guests, etc. USAA stepped me through that whole conversation while setting up the policy. Rob
  10. Not all companies work the same. We are with USAA (retired Army). USAA will shunt you to Progressive for motorhomes but will cover fifth wheels. The rig itself is on our auto policy for liability, collision and comprehensive. We have a renter's policy (about $15 a month!) that covers all of the contents and personal items as well as the things we left in storage back in South Carolina. All-in-all, extremely affordable. USAA knows we are full-timing and recommended setting things up this way. Rob
  11. We have the Garmin RV760LMT (the LMT meaning lifetime traffic and maps). With the parameters for our rig entered, it does a good job of steering us around places we can't/shouldn't go (I "trust and verify" using the Mountain Directory in certain parts of the country, though). Voice commands will find me things like truck stops or rest areas along the route, etc. - very handy! Rob
  12. "Although curcumin has been assessed in numerous laboratory and clinical studies, it has no medical uses established by well-designed clinical research.[14] According to a 2017 review of over 120 studies, curcumin has not been successful in any clinical trial, leading the authors to conclude that "curcumin is an unstable, reactive, non-bioavailable compound and, therefore, a highly improbable lead." Nelson, K. M.; Dahlin, J. L.; Bisson, J.; Graham, J.; Pauli, G. F.; Walters, M. A. (2017). It also shows a potential for toxicity. Rob (retired Army nurse)
  13. We have the 15' and one 10' extension. I rarely have to pull out the extension (usually in a situation like Barbara describes). We've never not been able (I know - double negative) to get hooked up. Our sewer outlet is a few feet in front of the front axle on a fifth wheel. Rob
  14. A couple of things to keep in mind (several alluded to above): 1) the washer would need to drain into your gray tank which would fill up your gray tank faster; 2) washers and dryers add extra weight to your RV - make sure you have enough payload left to do that; 3) RV washers and dryers are very small and people we have spoken with who have them say they have to run a lot of small loads to get the job done. Although our unit had W/D preps in place (for separate or combo units), we opted just to go to a laundromat every couple of weeks and get everything done in large commercial machines all at "one fell swoop." The whole process takes us about 1.5 hours and we can do bulky things like bedding and comforters. We also have a lot more space in the closet without a W/D in there. Rob
  15. OK... just placed an Amazon order for six new sensors for the TireMinder A1A system (Minder Research didn't have any brass refurbs and won't undersell their retailers). Since we're leaving where we are tomorrow morning, I had them sent to our Escapees' mail service. We have to stay put long enough to have some meds forwarded in the next week or two, anyway... Thanks for all the input, everyone. Rob