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  1. There are homes with RV ports in Rainbows End (the SKP park) in Livingston, TX. Don't know if any are for sale at this time. There are also non-SKP RV communities with port homes southeast of Dallas (may be the one mentioned above), southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and in Alamogordo, NM. You might google using the term "RV port home." Rob
  2. We launched from South Carolina so costs are very different from NJ. We have a 10 x 20 climate controlled storage unit that runs us a little over $100/month. We kept just enough "stuff" (I'm a George Carlin fan) to make us feel at home in a 1-bedroom something-or-other if health issues were to force us off the road. Other than our wedding bands, we don't own any valuable jewelry, etc. Seven years' worth of tax returns are stored electronically (PDF files) on three different backup devices. Birth and marriage certificates, passports, vehicle titles, blank checks, etc., are in a small fire safe behind the theater seats in the RV (the corner farthest away from any appliances or fuel source). We have found it necessary to have these documents with us rather than in storage - especially since 9/11 with new requirements for obtaining/renewing drivers' licenses or traveling abroad. Just recently, we needed the title to the truck when we traded vehicles unexpectedly - something that would not have been possible had the title been back in storage somewhere. I would advise against storing anything of value or importance in a vacation home or cottage - these structures are prime targets for career burglars in the off season(s). If your future plans don't include settling back down in NJ or the northeast, you could pack the things you want to keep, put them in a POD, and have them moved to and stored in a southern or southwestern state where the costs are lower. As we evolved into a minimalist life-style, we realized that we actually used about 15% of the clothing that was in our walk-in closet in the stix 'n brix. We now carry clothing for all seasons with us (the off-season items are stored in four plastic tubs underneath the bed and rotated out seasonally). We've been comfortable from single to triple digits. It's amazing how little we really need and periodically make a "Goodwill run" with items we haven't used in the past four seasons. If you search this forum and, you will find many threads related to this topic - often titled something like "The Purge," "Downsizing," etc. Here's one example: RV-Dreams: The Purge Good luck and safe travels! Rob
  3. Yes - sorry. Rob
  4. My late father like to say, "This guy told me, 'Pi r square' and I said, 'No they aren't - cake are square, pie are round'" Rob
  5. We are full-timers and started out towing our 36', 13,990 lb. GVWR fifth wheel with a 2013 GMC 2500HD diesel 2WD. We quickly realized that we didn't have enough rear axle capacity for the pin weight and, even with hydraulic disc brakes on the trailer and an engine brake on the truck, we overheated the brakes on a back road in upstate New York (The Rockies and Sierras aren't the only places with 10% grades). Forget about dry weights on RVs - go by the GVWR on the sticker and use 23 - 25% of the trailer's GVWR for an estimated loaded pin weight. A dual-rear-wheel 1-ton will be your minimum... and I would probably prefer an F-450/4500 or F-550/5500. Touring the whole country, you'll be happier and safer. I've also never heard anyone complain that they have too much truck. Rob
  6. Last year we moved 49 times. Many of those were one- or two-nighters while on the move. Others we stayed up to 59 days (birth of a new grandbaby). Rob
  7. Is there any way to group the responses in a single topic/thread together (like they appeared in the old format) rather than have them scattered all down the page chronologically? This would compact the view and require less scrolling. Rob
  8. I check the feed a couple of times a day and, with the old format, saw everything. I think it says something about the new format that I missed the above. Updates or no, from a user standpoint, it's not nearly as usable. Rob
  9. I'll have to agree with 2gypsies. I was tremendously disappointed the first time I got on the forum after the changes. The Escapees forum and its members have been extremely helpful to us since we first started considering going full-time. It has remained one of the three main forums on which I participate - but I don't know that this will be the case going forward. PLEASE reconsider the redesign! Rob
  10. I had to do some searching, too: Rob
  11. This document is on the DPS web site and lists Livingston as a location: Still trying to figure out the logistics, though... Rob
  12. Same stretch was closed Monday afternoon... we spent a delightful 2.5 hours in a dirt lot next to a truck stop with about 100 other vehicles. Rob
  13. No problems in that arena. The trade was straight across (no sales tax on the $250 admin fee for the even trade). I registered the truck by mail and the new Texas tags and sticker arrived from our Escapees mail service a week before the temporary tag expired. USAA has made the necessary changes on the insurance policy, so the only thing left is the driver's license. Rob
  14. Grand Design honors the warranty for full-timers for all their lines (Reflection, Momentum, etc.) - not just the Solitudes. Rob
  15. Tried it... depending on where in the system one is, it either starts the recorded message over or hangs up the call. This is true customer service! Rob