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  1. Just read that the President opened all National Parks and public lands to all veterans for free. https://www.doi.gov/pressreleases/trump-administration-grants-gold-star-families-and-military-veterans-free-entrance Thank you CIC.
  2. USAA doesn't support fulltiming. They have caught up with you. I've had them for 40 years also. But when I head out next year and switch residence to SD with a mail forward service, I must fine another provider.
  3. Hey, at least in CA. you can pull over on any city street and camp as long as you want. OR and WA too. Who's running those places anyway?
  4. Just get the board ASAP. Cause that is what you need.
  5. When I retired from the military 20 years ago, I was able to copy my medical records, which showed 3 "significant threshold shifts" over my career in the military. Also showed that I had tinnitus while still on active duty. Now (20 years later) I have lost hearing on higher frequencies. Sometimes my wife sets off the smoke detector while cooking in the house. She would yell to me and the dogs would bark but I don't even hear it. But I have no trouble having normal conversations with anyone. Do I have a chance getting anything from the VA? I have my military medical record.
  6. I have that one and love it. And I'm a big guy. Just look at the ratings.
  7. Has the truck been bulletproofed? This is a 6.0, right? What are you asking?
  8. Yea, how come mines not on that list. There should be a very short list of those that should not be on the list. Maybe 2 or 3.
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