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    • Agree! Even if they determine one of the vaccines starting trials is the magic bullet and they have the factories ramped up that is still Billions of doses the world needs.   We tend to lose sight of the fact that everyone in the world will be vying for the vaccine and we won't get it all.    It will take probably a  couple of year or more just to get it out to all of the people who want it (about 25% of people in this country will say no way until someone in their family dies) to get the needed doses and then how will it be allocated?   Health care workers, first responders, etc., will be first, and then high risk (ie us 'golden oldies') and then general population?   And what about costs?   Assume Medicare will include it as a NEED Preventative care for those over 65, will health insurance cover the rest? I just assume we will be in this state for a couple of more years, at least.   And then we can all get ready for the next one - there are several other animal viruses that have been identified as ones that could possibly jump species.
    • Tempting to buy but want the warranty on a new one can I ask why you are changing it? We are having the same one put in our new one being built
    • We probably need to do a bit more than just masks, but from what I see, most people who wear a mask are also very good at social distancing and for me the act of wearing a mask helps to remind me of the other things that the medical world is advising. And I can't see how this could possibly be over in under a year no matter what is developed. 
    • Worg, good question, here's my take if you need to run say for example a 13,500 BTU rooftop AC unit 24/7 for a few days: NOTE the heat load and temperature and insulation and sun bearing down on the unit  or shade cover and its size and a ton of other variables affect the answer so this can ONLY be a rough approximation NOT intended as accurate, don't take this to the bank lol  NOTE a small 5000 to 6500 BTU home window unit might work in a small well insulated van especially if parked in some shade cover (subject to all the factors above) which wouldn't require as much fuel or capacity as I figure below !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another more efficient option might be a small min split system which might not (subject to size and heat load) require as much as below.....................  1) If you use a gas generator the VERY MINIMUM size that "can" work, especially PROVIDED you install a Soft Start on the AC which really helps for start up, would be a portable 2200 Watt Inverter Generator (my preferred type). While that can work (subject to load and genset) its  fairly close for comfort with no extra power available for other uses. If you want larger, portable gensets come in sizes such as a 3000 or 3500 Watt and much larger. Costs vary for a loud noisy open construction unit up to a much quieter more expensive unit. 2) HOWEVER to allow for expansion and other loads such as say a battery Converter/Charger I would recommend at least a 2800 Watt 3) An ONBOARD GENSET may be available in say a Cummins Onan 2800 Watt or another common size is a 4000 Watt 4) FUEL:  Typical for an RV onboard genset is they draw fuel out of the regular main gas tank usually set so they cant draw down too deep. Of course for a portable you need to carry gas cans and how long they can run ( 4 to 6 or more hours subject to fuel capacity and actual load and times) prior to refill can be an issue. 5) Subject to actual AC load and how often the compressor cycles for how long (depends on temp) you might be looking at say 2 to 4 quarts per hour of gas to power the generator There are other options such a a HUGE solar system with one HUGE battery bank at one HUGE expense,  but subject to sunlight and actual AC load for 2 or 3 days THATS NOT REAL PRACTICAL ......even if sure with enough capacity it can work. For a small vehicle a person may run the dash AC and used the van gas and engine if it doesn't overheat.  The van engine with a huge alternator and DC to DC converter charger to charge a battery bank and use a 12 VDC to 120 VAC big enough (3000 watt) Inverter is an option NOT real practical nor my choice lol   Theres no right or wrong answer, it depends on your use and needs and budget   John T 
    • Since there are provisions to connect a TV there than there is also likely something in the wall that was intended to attach the mounting bracket to. If you are the original owner of the RV your dealer can probably tell you where it is located. For our RV's TV I used a small TV mounting bracket that attaches to the wall and the arm assembly lifts off with the TV and we travel with them laying on the bed. 
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