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  1. I would assume that the proof would be your vaccine card. That seems to be the only way to prove it. Someone had even suggested that it could be a picture of your vaccine card that would be on your phone. Again, I'm just trying to verify the rumor. Let's just say that the opinion around the fire was disbelief and dismay.
  2. Is it true that proof of vaccine is now required to attend Escapees sponsored events? This was going around the campfire last night and needed to verify. Does this include clubhouse events as well (social hours, card games, etc, dominoes, etc)? Asking for a friend. : )
  3. There used to be but it's been over a year since we used it. Some of the older sites in the trees had services that weren't operable so they use them for storage. Can't beat the price, $1 a day. We stored our rig there for 3 weeks while traveling overseas but this over a year ago. Give them a call to find out as I seem to remember hearing that they were working on improving those sites and may be renting them out. I'd be curious to hear what you find out.
  4. Kirk, I appreciate you sharing the information that is on FB.
  5. Please keep these folks in your prayers. They're going to need a great deal of help to recover from this. I didn't see any other posts about this so I thought I would share. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2021/04/30/heavy-rainfall-high-winds-and-large-hail-devastate-hondo-mobile-home-community/
  6. I just happened to clean my pretty dirty truck today with Wax Wash All. I've been using it for about 6 months. Does a great job. When I do the truck I take it to a self wash and give it a good spray down and then come back and complete the job. Looks great. Took a little over an hour to complete.
  7. This is a gray area in some states ....in MD a loaded magazine is considered a loaded firearm even separated from the actual body of the firearm. During transport in that state magazines and ammunition must be in separate containers separated by at least a zipper (think padded gun storage bag). I would think that some of the other restrictive states may have similar regs.
  8. Just verified looking at the pictures on the NH site. The sticker for tire pressures in the cabinet is dated 9/2008. This sticker from 2008 has the same serial number that is on the trailer weight sticker below it. This is a 12 year old unit. The sticker even indicates that this was made prior to their move to Lacy Dr. Picture
  9. My post is only to point out that the unit may have actually been built 3 or 4 years earlier than how they have advertised and registered the unit. Trust me, there are a few of these units out there. I have looked at the ad and I have my suspicions. Windows are a prime example. In 2011 NH used flush mount windows. This unit has the old style windows. The window frames are also white. This WAS an unpainted unit that was painted after the fact. If I was looking at this unit I would want to know when it actually rolled off the line. It's still a well made unit but could be had for much less with a little homework. I would also look at the side lamination if it has sat this long. I'm speaking from a place of experience and trying to share my limited knowledge
  10. You may want to check on when this 2011 unit was actually built. This MAY and I say may be a unit that was actually built in 2008 or 2009. Have them send the serial number or coach number (they number all of their units). Also, have them them send pictures of the build dates of the appliances; refer, microwave, tv, etc..... I know it sounds crazy but you may want to at least check this out.
  11. Does anyone here have experience with delivering an RV from one point in the US to another. We have a dear friend and fellow Escapee who finds himself in a position where he needs immediate medical attention and it would be best for him to fly to where he needs to be to begin treatment and have the RV follow behind. It's for this reason that we have SkyMed but these folks do not so looking at other options to assist them. Any direct experience with transport companies is greatly appreciated.
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