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  1. The car is still for sale. I apologize for not keeping up with the ad but have been dealing with pneumonia. The price is now $14,650.00
  2. For those of you who worry about such things, this is not a flood car. Then why am I selling? Well, I fell in love with a new Chevy four wheel drive Colorado with a DuraMax diesel. Sadly, the Honda must go. It is in Sulphur, Louisiana. Here is the info. If you have more questions please ask. (a) Equipped with a Blue Ox Base plate and M & G air brake. (b) There is a brake away kit and a switch mini fuse by pass to turn off accessories. (c) It has excellent tires and batteries and has been regularly serviced by the dealer. (d) 48,661 miles on October 15. (f) automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive Tow Bar is not Included. Price reduced to $15,600.00, cash or verifiable bank check when you take possession of the car. The service center that equipped the car for towing is willing to tell you exactly what is on it. If you are seriously interested reply by e-mail or pm.
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