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  1. That’s about 300 miles from me. This head actually seems pretty tight and the bushings are in great shape. I haven’t towed with it. My location right now is the SKP park in Hondo, Tx.
  2. Wondering if anyone is interested in a used Binkley 5th wheel hitch. Just removed from a recent purchase and have a TS3 im installing. Located in central Texas. I know they are not made any longer and this would be a good one if you needed parts. 32000 GVW.
  3. I believe they will want to insure the rig and the MDT . At least when I spoke with several companies they told be they needed to insure both. I’m sure it boils down to they wanted the dollars.
  4. Wondering if you found your toad? We are selling a 2006 HHR with everything needed to tow. It’s posted on RVs, Tows, and Toads for Sale!
  5. Went with National General, great rates and seems like great customer service. Thank you Jimnlin.
  6. Just put a deposit down on a Freightliner FL60 and will pick it up next week. Help me out and let me know who your insuring with. Happy New Year! Bill
  7. Go here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/2248603732113655/ a group to fill your party or join one.
  8. Voice works great! Just the same as our old Verizon plan.
  9. Yes they will over night you a SIM card. I signed up Monday, signed my wife up Tuesday and my sister and now my other sister will be signing up today.that will fill our dance card and will only be paying $25.00 a month each for unlimited! On top of that after our second month Visible will send each a $100.00 MasterCard online gift card plus our first month was only $25.00 total. They make it all so easy and it’s on Verizon towers.
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