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Post office problems

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Last December Jo Ann's sister mailed two envelopes to her, a day apart. Both were properly addressed to our PO Box in Lakewood, NM. Neither one arrived there. Both were returned to sender a couple of weeks later. She then put both envelopes in a Priority envelope, addressed it the same as the two envelopes inside, and paid for a signature requirement. That envelope arrived within a week. Okay, maybe that was the Christmas rush.

In April we were hosting at a Missouri State Park. Our mail was sent from Sioux Falls and arrived within a week. Two weeks later the mail was sent again. That time it bounced around the country, even visiting New Jersey. A couple of days before we were to leave, it was in a small town post office north of St. Louis. We called them, and the post master was actually holding the envelope in her hand, wondering why it was there. We were heading to Wyoming for a family gathering, so the post master put our mail in an envelope addressed to our family, put THAT envelope in another envelope with a note to the post master here, and also called the post master here to alert him. Two days later our mail was delivered.

Our last mail took over a week to get from Sioux Falls to here. Because we can't count on the post office delivering priority mail in less than a week, we've stopped our mail until we get to our next hosting gig at the end of this month.

In every case the mail was properly addressed, but the post office had troubles delivering it. Has anyone else had such problems? If so, did you find a solution?

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We've been fulltime for almost eleven years and use Americas Mailbox in Box Elder and have never had any issues with our mail being delivered promptly, regardless of where we are having it sent to us, and it is always sent with USPS. 

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I've had lots of trouble with the USPS over my years of travel. So much that I don't ever care about it any more. Most of my things are done on line  with one of my banks being very easy to do on line bill payment. The rest of the mail sits until I have to renew my license plates, make sure my tax stuff all came electronically and that's about it. Just got a delivery last week where 90% went straight to the trash. It was time for new registrations. 



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We used the U.S. postal service through Escapees mail service in Livingston, TX for 16 years of full-timing even a fast shipment to Alaska with only one issue.  That was for a pickup in Orange Beach, Florida and that was the individual OB facility's fault.  Escapees said our mail was shipped.  Orange Beach said "it's not here"... for over two weeks.  Escapees kept saying it was shipped and received.  A tracer was put on it. Finally, Orange Beach 'found it' hidden in a place where it shouldn't have been.  They just laughed it off!!

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We've used Escapees for going on 14 years with only one problem. Showed delivered ready for pickup in Surprise AZ.  PO couldn't find it. Called me on my way back to campground to let me know it was found. That impressed me but ever since I've had mail sent to small POs that don't have a big volume of general delivery. 

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