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  1. Run whatever size cable to a box where you will plug your rig into. At that box, terminate the cable into lugs that have two terminations so you can run the small cable from the termination to the breaker in your panel. Your larger cable will handle the voltage so you don't have the high voltage loss, and for the very short distance to the panel lugs, there will not be any voltage drop. I am a retired lineman, and worked with UG cable for over 35 years and aluminum is all we used, and you just need a compound to wire brush the bare aluminum with prior to inserting into the lugs to cut the o
  2. If you go with something like this, you will be good. Rarely will you see full 50 amps for each leg so your voltage drop will not be that much. You can get by with 2" conduit, but maybe a little larger would make pulling in the cable easier along with some cable lube. I would recommend terminating the cable in a splice box at each end above ground so you won't have to worry about water getting to the splices or connector lugs. https://ewcswire.com/1-0-1-0-1-0-2-awg-aluminum-ud-quadraplex-600-volts-code-notre-dame/
  3. Maybe go to this link and enter all the info. https://forestriverpartsdirect.com/
  4. We have a heavy duty Watts regulator that keeps the pressure below 50psi, so for us it's not an issue. Also, with those kind of pressures, I wouldn't trust a cheap regulator. I connect with the regulator everywhere we hook up, regardless of what the normal pressure is in a park.
  5. The last park that we stayed at that had high pressure, they told you to not connect to their system without a good pressure regulator was Park Sierra south of Coarsegold, CA and the lower you are in the park, the higher the pressure because their water system water tanks are on a hill above the park. The pressure can exceed 100 psi. If you are somewhere that has high water pressure and you don't have a reliable regulator, I would recommend filling your fresh water tank and use your water pump while at the park.
  6. We were evacuated from the North Fork, CA area due to the Creek Fire on the 5th, moved the fifth wheel to the FIL's property near Coarsegold. Haven't seen the sun in a week due to the smoke, except as an orange ball. Heading out Friday, going east, and hopefully get far enough to get out of the smoke. I would not recommend anyone to come to California or even Oregon or Washington until these fires are out. The smoke is very bad, and getting worse.
  7. If you are planning to start boondocking, you might as well plan on at least two batteries and maybe even four. You might also consider 6 volt golf cart type batteries.
  8. In addition to the video, go to this link https://www.arprv.com/dometic-ez-install.php and select the model fridge you have for detailed installation. When I installed our ARP device, a fuse was recommended, which I used, and for the slight cost, I can't understand why one wouldn't install the protection. There is the boiler temperature sensor that is wired, plus another thing connected to the tubing which is a ring connector that is just clamped to the tubing. I also have the ARP device that controls additional fans because our fridge is in a slide and needs additional air flow. If you
  9. Have you checked that the 12 volt grounding is good? Possibly you have a loose ground and that is why the batteries are not able to receive a charge.
  10. Why not just replace the backing plate assemblies with self adjusting assemblies? Then you will have new shoes and magnets and they will adjust themselves and you won't have to worry about adjusting while on long trips.
  11. You might be better off using a liquid or powder type treatment rather than one of the packs that look like a detergent pod. Unless there is sufficient agitation, the pack or pod may not break down to mix with any liquids in the tank. There are some of those enzyme treatments that say they work for long extended times compared to those treatments that are not much more than perfume, so for long storage times, maybe those enzymes would be a better choice.
  12. Just to make sure you understand, all pressures are COLD inflation pressures. Do not concern yourself with the pressures as the tires warm up and definitely DO NOT bleed air from the tires when they are warm to keep them below the 80 psi or 65 psi numbers. Put the pressure that your tow vehicle manufacturer says to inflate those tires for your maximum load capacity, and that may be something like 60 in the front and 70 in the rear, but do what the manual for the truck says. On the trailer, the ST trailer tires can run at the max pressure on the sidewalls, and you say that is 65 psi. If you
  13. We travel Hwy 93 several times a year towing our fifth wheel. It is good road, and yes there are some long grades to negotiate, but just take your time. Do not be intimidated by traffic following you, just pull off only when safe. Even if you were going 80 MPH, there would still be people wanting to go faster. Make sure you understand the signs when going around the traffic circles in Wickenburg, as they can be confusing if you are not familiar with which road you need to take, as hwy 93 ends and you will be on Hwy 60 east, even though you will think you are going south.
  14. We had just purchased our current rig and were in a trashy RV park for a very short time until our house sold, and a worker lady for the census came knocking. Since we still had our house, we were counted there, but she asked about our RV neighbors, who we didn't know any of, and she went on her way, and this was in late 2012, so they spend a lot of time after the official census year trying to count all that might have been missed.
  15. Most manufacturers do not supply the batteries. These are installed by the dealers, and there should be no reason, for an extra charge, that they couldn't install as many batteries and whatever type you want.
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