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Truth or Consequences NM


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We spent a summer 17 miles south of T or C , but never a winter , in a nice little campground . Cheap , too . $150 month + electric . 

A little cool for our liking , but , I'd imagine winter being not too bad for weather , as it's high desert . 

Truth or Consequences, NM
Weather averages
MonthHigh / Low(°F)Rain

January57° / 27°1 day

February63° / 32°1 day

March70° / 38°1 day

April78° / 44°0 days

May87° / 54°1 day

June96° / 63°2 days

July96° / 67°6 days

August93° / 65°6 days

September88° / 58°3 days

October78° / 47°2 days

November66° / 35°1 day

December56° / 27°2 days

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Never wintered there, but have visited in October numerous times. We love the area around Caballo Lake and Elephant Butte Lake. We seriously considered moving to Alamogordo which is a little further South with a little more development and lots more in the way of services and things to do. In the Summer the mountain towns of Ruidoso and Cloud Croft are not far away. Las Cruces which is even larger is about an hour and a half away.

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Just spent March - early May in NM.  First, the northern part is indeed VERY cold in winter--think skiing on snow!  So you will have to spent the coldest part of the winter in the very southern part of NM.  Daytimes had highs of 60-70 and nights were downright cold--close to freezing many nights. 

One advantage is that there is a non-resident annual camping pass that costs about $225.  With that, you only have to pay $4 per night for electric sites.  However, a warning that most NM state parks have dirt roads and can be dusty.  There are some wonderful exceptions, however, among them is Oliver Lee and some of the camping areas around Elephant Butte.  One of my favorite places is Cochiti Lake, but it is COE and a little too far north for most of the winter. 

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23 hours ago, 2gypsies said:

Winters in southern New Mexico are cold.  We tried it!

Cold and un-predictable.  I worked on a flight-line for 6 years in Alamogordo (Holloman AFB).  Nights can get down-right miserable especially with the wind blowing.  One Saturday in winter, morning temps was in the upper 60's so I rode a motorcycle to work.  By the time I left for the ride home, ~6 hours later, I rode home through 6 inches of snow.  Was not in the forecast, yes, it was not fun... LOL  Spent a lot of time camping at Caballo and Elephant Butte Lake, very enjoyable but would not winter there.  Would not hesitate to camp in the FamCamp there or in town but I would be prepared for some cold mid winter days/nights.  Never went through T or C winter time so can't add anything about there.  I can/will add, winter time, would not recommend the higher elevations, lots of snow and cold temps.

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