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  1. It is the desert, no insulation, really hot in the summer, really cold in the winter.
  2. Sleep Number makes a RV King, it's expensive and worth it! We buy our sheets on Amazon. Be sure and read the fine print to verify they are in fact RV King sheet set.
  3. I love how the government calls it a refund. When an individual over pays their (in this case) taxes they are not getting a refund. It is a return of funds you over paid. If I buy something at a store that's $15.00 and I give then a $20.00 I don't get a $5.00 refund do I? I get my change back.
  4. I realize it's a bit like trying to predict where the football is going to bounce. BTW, I am also self-employed and I feel the issue constantly. It like everything else is a constant balancing process.
  5. Sorry, and I'm not being tacky. If you're getting a refund you're doing your taxes wrong. You have to much coming out during the year, your net should be as close to $0.00 as possible.
  6. NIRVC National Indoor RV Corp. They have a location in LV.
  7. We have WiFi Camp Pro 2 mounted on our batwing and it seems to me that when we connect to a wifi source, say in a park it reduces the speed dramatically. Sometimes by as much as 75% as opposed to connecting directly to the park. I think everything is set up correctly, is this normal? Is it this way with all boosters?
  8. I have always used my phone as a hotspot as needed when we travel and never thought much about getting a Jetpack. Is there a marked difference in a computer or a network for example, being connected to a phone hotspot for Wi-Fi or is it better to use a Jetpack to create the Wi-Fi? We use Verizon and I can add one for $10.00 to my existing account, if it's that beneficial.
  9. Are you sure? I've had 3 diesel F series Fords and the larger truck nozzles would fit but with little play.
  10. I've found that if you have a good signal w/o the booster and you turn on the booster it can degrade the performance, so if we don't need it we don't turn it on. On the other hand if we have a poor signal and turn it on it will improve the signal and performance. So the answer is ............... it depends
  11. This has been one of the most talked about things on RV Forums for almost a year. A search of the different forums will give you hours and hours of knowledge and insight. I will say with virtually no exceptions the reports a very positive.
  12. We stayed at Angel Fire RV Resort a few years ago and loved it. Angel Fire itself is a great little town and it's easy to get to Red River which is much more commercial or over to Taos or even Santa Fe. Grew up spending a great deal of time in southern NM, Cloudcroft is still the sleepy little town it's always been and Ruidoso is a great blend with lots to do and see but you can get back towards Alto and find some wonderful camping.
  13. Actually I see little to no value in Camping World overall. They have garnered a very poor reputation in almost every aspect of the RV industry, customer service, knowledge, rv sales, financing, roadside assistance, repair and on and on. You'll find usually to have double digit negative press to almost no positive press. I just got the impression with them it was only about how much $$ they could make off me, so we quit doing business with them.
  14. We tow my F150 4X4. The transfer case is electronically put into neutral and the transmission is left in neutral. We've had no issues with it.
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