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No interior lights....


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Went out tonight to lock up the truck, opened the door and no interior lights. Worked yesterday. 

No power to the cigarette lighter plugs, to the sleeper lights. 

Turn on the key and the dash lights up. Goes thru pre-start. 

Where do I start looking?

Where are the fuses for this?


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I am thinking to look in the fuse panel under the center dash area on top of the dash.

  There may be a common fuse, or reset breaker. It could also be worthwhile to look up the the wiring schematics in the resource guide. That may point out what all is connected.

  But what caused the problem to be. Some searching and testing is needed I do believe.


  Just my 1/2 cents worth,    Vern in a T-shirt 

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The last thing I did with the cab interior lights was to turn on the red door panel lights so they come on when the door opens. Doubtful that's the cause because I opened and closed both doors testing them...all was good. 

The last major wiring work was a bit over a week ago by the dlr looking for and fixing the DEF derate. All lighting was fine after that service.

This is a head scratcher as to how it can just sit there and knock all cab interior lights and power sockets, out.

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I've had wiring harness connections fail due to corrosion. In one case, I had to run a new power line to bypass the harness, since I couldn't reach it without major disassembly. In your case, I would suspect a fuse or circuit breaker issue, at least that's where I'd start. Jay

P.S. Maybe the problems aren't connected. There's a switch at the lower right corner of the driver's side door frame that turns on the light when you open the door. Those are known to fail. You might check that.

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No power to various places.  I doubt it is a fuse problem. 

If you understand "open circuit voltage" then you can test for a bad connection on the hot side or ground side on a place you can isolate the load from the circuit.  You can't use lighting circuits as it is difficult to know you have all the bulbs removed.  However, there are a couple of places that have no loads unless you plug something into them.  The cigarette lighter and the CB radio connections are a good place.  Read the voltage at either of those two places.  If there is battery voltage on them but they will not run an electrical load then there is a high resistance between the battery and either the hot or ground.

I am thinking a ground problem.  Connect a ground wire to the battery ground and connect the other end to the CB dashboard connector and see if that fixes things.

Good luck,  Chet  

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So, there's a low voltage indicator light on the sleeper control panel that's blinking.

And here's a bit of weirdness....the sleeper fan switch was blinking. Once I turned off the switch (engine & key are off) all power came back.

I can't find anything in the manuals about that. 

And the truck fired right up. So maybe not low batteries? I did have it on 4 amp trickle charge all night. But only found the blinking lights this morning. 

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