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  1. I've contemplated hanging two 50 gallon tanks under the passenger side steps. One stainless or plastic for potable, one old aluminum for black/Grey water. If I could cart that in and out regularly we could boondock quite awhile.
  2. I did that a bit in our 24ft travel trailer back when I only worked from home a few days here and there. It does work. Couple items of note: The bigger the screen the higher the resolution needs to be. For a workstation 4k was only good for about 40 inches. Any bigger and all you see is pixels. Sharing. You're going to take up a significant portion of the living area. Any other residents will need some other place to be. Now we're both home full time and I have a dedicated workspace. Ikea power sit/stand desk, 4k curved monitor, all tucked in the space where the rear couch used to be. This leaves the 'tv' free for a show to be watched while I'm working.
  3. Some more info: Property owner is looking for an annual renter, not seasonal. We did purchase and keep onsite our own shipping container for storage. We still snowbird in the winter and make summer trips, this is home-base. Some pictures pending.
  4. We rent space here on a 3 rural acres outside Bellingham. There are two rv spaces and the other space is available. If any other full timers are interested I can facilitate the contact with the property owner (he doesn't do the internet). 30amps, good well water, newly remodeled shared laundry, xfinity cable line to site and relatively low rates for the area. PM for contact details if interested, or ask general questions in thread.
  5. Getting ready for a quick Washington to North Dakota run. Over the last few day we've installed new cab and steer shocks (rides soo much better), TST 507 installed and configured, wired the truck rear camera into the Jackalopee output, added a gps mount to the dashcam, and installed a big inverter. Tomorrow is cab/sleeper cleaning and prep and then on the road come Monday.
  6. My deck is wood planking over an aluminum frame. We'll be adding a smart later this summer. I'll probably use the Jack Mayer system and add a angle of aluminum underneath aligned with the rails.
  7. The Hensley goes in between your pickup and the travel trailer to help with stability since your trailer is now notably longer, not between your travel trailer and the tote. The tote is fixed, does not connect via a ball hitch, and remains in straight line behind the trailer. All of which is out of scope as the original question was about how to carry toys behind a 5th wheel. Watts on Wheels uses one regularly and has some great YouTube videos demonstrating how it works.
  8. You can still put toys behind the 5th wheel just not on a 'trailer'. Google 'freedomhauler' - it looks and hauls like a trailer but is considered an extension of the 5th wheel. The key is that it doesn't pivot on a single point (hitch) and is instead attached at two points with no pivot. It can also be converted back to a trailer for regular use once at your destination.
  9. We removed and sold the couch that covered the width of the back of the trailer. Then replaced it with an Ikea power sit/stand desk w/pedestal type seat and a nice recliner chair. Plenty of room for my two laptops and a giant curved 4k monitor.
  10. This happened to us last winter as we were driving up over Snoqualmie Pass. Same symptoms. Cause was the ground lug had fatigued and broke off the alternator. Field repair got us rolling but it pretty much killed the already old batteries.
  11. Would live a parts list from that project if it's still handy.
  12. But the main office gave me a number for local agent and 15 min later we're insured as a motorhome at much better rates than Progressive's commercial insurance.
  13. Called that ext and got the voicemail for someone named Chuck
  14. This is what I'm really looking for. Dump Visible and Comcast and just set my little dish out wherever we park.
  15. I use a Visible R2 phone velcroed to a WeBoost RV65 and a TPLink N300. We'll ask the RV Park while making the reservation how the Verizon service is and how the park wifi is. We don't boondock or glamp, just plain RV parks with basic services. The WeBoost makes weak cellular quite usable and the N300 makes the Park WiFi much better. Its a plain simple setup with low cost. After a day of network engineering It's not necessarily fun to do it at home too, so this is easy.
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