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  1. Would live a parts list from that project if it's still handy.
  2. But the main office gave me a number for local agent and 15 min later we're insured as a motorhome at much better rates than Progressive's commercial insurance.
  3. Called that ext and got the voicemail for someone named Chuck
  4. This is what I'm really looking for. Dump Visible and Comcast and just set my little dish out wherever we park.
  5. I use a Visible R2 phone velcroed to a WeBoost RV65 and a TPLink N300. We'll ask the RV Park while making the reservation how the Verizon service is and how the park wifi is. We don't boondock or glamp, just plain RV parks with basic services. The WeBoost makes weak cellular quite usable and the N300 makes the Park WiFi much better. Its a plain simple setup with low cost. After a day of network engineering It's not necessarily fun to do it at home too, so this is easy.
  6. Hi thundersnow, welcome! I spent almost two years as a devops engineer and much of that remote. Really more of a deployment engineer but now we're splitting hairs :). The key was managing bandwidth - Working with github/bitbucket, Ansible Tower, Jenkins, etc was no issue, all worked fine even over 4g cellular. SQL though I found it helpful to have a jump box close to the source. We did some fun stuff with CloudFormation that would deploy a linux version of MSSQL in EC2 and then load the dbs from NFS. Way to slow to try that remote - keep the data in the cloud/data center and
  7. As a full-timer who may spend a week or two well below freezing it is totally worth it. I've done both - made my own out of Pex and heat tape and purchased a pre-made hose. Not having to go out every day or two in the below freezing to hook up and fill the tank is worth the cost. Once we get south or it warms up I'll roll it up and save for next time.
  8. This is very interesting. Getting my trailersaver bolted up next week. Will have to tape this out and see how it might fit.
  9. I think I have a leak in the same spot on the passenger side.
  10. Thanks, that's really great info. I was wondering if it was worth effort of adding those in. I have noticed that the factory door mirrors do leave a little blind spot tucked right up next to the truck. Didn't have that issue with the MDT. Another thread here on the site does have a document on how to add and position them so we'll give run here shortly. Major issue right now is it was originally equipped with a skyjacker hitch bolted straight to the frame. Swapping in my air ride hitch consumes a lot more space and interferes with the back main beam of the aluminum deck body. hm
  11. Finally home, took a bit of work getting it across the mountain passes and the over the Canadian border. Working out the project list for it as well as the hitch swap. Parked beside the F800 we were using for comparison.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that.
  13. Could be moving away from the spigot.
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