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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that.
  2. Could be moving away from the spigot.
  3. Sorry, yes - we're close to Bellingham.
  4. Looks like we're finally going to get the Volvo across the border. It has a fixed Hijacker rv hitch now and I want to swap in my air ride TrailerSaver. I don't drill frames any more, so . . . Local fabricator recommendations?
  5. Well, maybe we start with coffee in a big parking lot somewhere. Look over each others setup.
  6. Not to go off course with the thread but it seems there might be enough HDTs in the PNW for a mini rally.
  7. Looks like lots of help! We're still moving some stuff from Renton to Ferndale with our MDT (soon to be HDT). Holler if you need any additional help.
  8. I've just started using it. Even split between Chrome on a PC and an Android phone.
  9. I think this was more like a consignment sale of an earlier truck. Dunno beyond that.
  10. We're excited! As I understand it this is a truck he built earlier for a part-time couple. It has come back in for a quick refresh and then was back on the market.
  11. Everything is settled - working on delivery arrangements now. We're getting a 2007 Volvo 670 from Gregg with RVHaulers.
  12. We've put a down payment on a unit, will report back once everything firms up. Thanks again for the great forum!
  13. Thank you for the info! Could I ask about a couple more measurements? Distance from the rear of the cab fairing or the bypass filter to the end of the deck? Wheelbase? Interior sleeper pictures would be nice too, or a link to a gallery of such pics. Thanks again
  14. We contemplated that, with a bit of searching we found some M2's in our price range. We decided a sleeper cab with storage would be preferred over what is effectively a crewcab. Also, most don't have the deck space for a smart car.
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