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Secure internet connection

Judy D

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I would highly recommend reading through some of the content on this site:


In addition, "VPN" is the correct answer.  Unless by "secure" you simply meant "not campground Wifi and also not using the phone".

The answer, really, all lies in first answering "how much are you willing to spend".  $1200 + $150/mo will get you this:
...with a single provider.

It's what I have, and the wife and I rely on it for working on the road.  And we chose AT&T.  It's basically "unlimited".  If you don't need unlimited and are willing to bear with a 10, 15, 20, 50gb monthly limit, there are other options.   I think, for just $250/month you can have both AT&T and Verizon.  (Or maybe some combination of two of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile.)  We have T-Mobile, I pay an extra $25/mo, I think, for an extra 50GB hotspot data, just in case the AT&T is no beuno.  (And I set that up before I had the Pepwave.)

As to actually installing and using this, Changing Lanes has a video on it.  Their setup isn't quite the same as ours (they have a giant antenna we don't), but the basic concepts are the same.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDCIx5JpEgs&t=4s

Right now, our antenna is sitting in the window, behind my monitor until I can get it installed up on the roof in about a month.

Also, I meant to add (this is an edit) that there are cheaper options out there like mobile hotspots from various providers.  They are almost all limited in monthly usage, though.  That just wasn't going to cut it for us.

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I routinely hit 200-250 GB/mo on my grandfathered AT&T Mobley unlimited plan and my Visible/Verizon unlimited data plan for just under $50/mo combined. Both plans are priority managed on heavily congested towers, but when that's noticeable at all, it only lasts for a short time.

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Judy, I agree using a VPN can improve security and its not all that hard or expensive to go that route. We may find ourselves anywhere in the US in our RV and unless we are in an extreme remote location one or the other of our providers often allows adequate internet service. I'm lucky to have obtained (couple years ago, great price, grandfathered in) AT&T internet via a ZTE Mobley mobile hotspot with unlimited service PLUS unlimited Verizon using their 8800L Jetpack Hotspot (also couple years back grandfathered in). In the RV for Verizon I use an external MIMO antenna and a remote antenna/booster for cell phones and AT&T. When I'm at home I have AT&T 1000Mbs unlimited Fiber Optic internet service, so we pretty well have it covered at home or on the road. My cell phone is Verizon and my wifes (can serve as a mobile hotspot if needed) AT&T. Unfortunately for you neither of those unlimited plans I have are now available.

 Do your homework, shop around, and check Mobile Internet (Chris and Cherie) Resource. I (an ever curious electrical engineer) have twice attended their seminars and chatted them up and they (and/or their e mail updates etc) put me on to those plans at the time.

 Best wishes

John T    

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Judy, welcome to the Escapee forums! If you will share a bit more of what it is that you need, we could probably be of more help. Are you thinking of working from the road, via the internet, transacting business from the road, or perhaps your own financial security? There are many different ways to approach security and also internet access, so please help us out. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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On 10/13/2020 at 6:03 PM, Judy D said:

with out using your iPhone

 personal hotspot?

Judy, its possible to use EITHER your phone as a Hotspot orrrrrrrrr a non phone yet still cellular MiFi Jetpack type of device (Verizon Jetpack or AT&T). While either work, I prefer my cell phones for ONLY phones and my MiFi Jetpack Hotspots for only Internet BUT THATS JUST MY PREFERENCE. ITS MY UNDERSTANDING NO WARRANTY after you log onto the net (with phone or hotspot) you can then use a VPN to enhance and protect security.  Some of the anti virus anti trojan anti spyware or anti malware security products out there (PC Matic I believe) work on EITHER a phone or a computer. 

 Im NOT any phone or internet security expert this is ONLY what I use so see what the Internet and security experts have to say. I have all sorts of virus and malware protection on my computer and use my Hotspots (or could my I Phone) to make my initial internet connection. Choosing what brand of anti virus or spy or mal ware or a VPN is like asking what brand of oil is best, there will be plenty of opinions lol. Similar there are sooooooooooo many mobile Internet options out there I cant make that choice for you. A lot depends on HOW MUCH DATA and HOW FAST OF A CONNECTION AND REMOTE CONNECTION AVAILABILITY you require, a few e mails or operating a business?????????? Sort of like performing an Energy Audit before designing a solar system, you need to perform a digital audit  to determine your internet requirements and then shop for the best providers and then security options.  

I run more then one anti virus and security software program, I don't currently use a VPN and never had any problems (home or in RV using Jetpacks) but its still a good idea in my opinion 

 I trust Technomadia's opinion over mine and many others but its YOUR choice

John T NOT an expert so see what they have to say, this is ONLY what works for me



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Bill, GOOD READ, your link is Technomadia's website, as far as I'm concerned they are the best when it comes to Internet and security issues and can explain all this much better then most. Every time I get a chance I attend their seminars. It was their e mail alerts and tips that put me onto the AT&T ZTE Mobley unlimited plan as well as the Verizon unlimited plan just a day or so before it was discontinued whewwwwwwwwwww I just made it thanks to them lol 

John T


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