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We have a 13’ 4” fifth wheel.  There are specialized gps devices but we wanted to use our truck’s nav display so we subscribe to LowClearances.com.  That subscription allows us to download and install POI files with the location of thousands of low clearance locations.  We downloaded the POI file directly into the Chevy Nav system and also into Google Maps which we can then use with Apple Car Play.

This does not route around low clearances, simply shows them on the map.  That’s not a problem for us because I typically map the next days travel in advance.   I also use RVTripWizard for trip planning before we leave.  RVTripWizard also shows low clearance locations although not as many as LowClearances.com.

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Like others I have been using Co-pilot for years as a fulltimer on my tablet and phone. When we purchased our Cyclone TH and I found out that it was 13’4” I purchased the Co-pilot truck. It has kept us safe throughout our travels, even in the northeast which is know for low clearances. We’ve also used it travel in the Canadian maritimes and a couple of trips to Alaska. Wouldn’t hit the road without it.

” Happy Trails “


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I have two Rand McNally RV GPS units, and old 7730 and a newer model 7. With both you enter your length, height and weight. It will not route you onto unsafe roads based on what you enter, you may choose to avoid dirt roads, small roads, ferries, tunnels, and many other items.

The only errors were of my doing, er, not doing/entering properly.

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