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  1. I would guess that you have to tether the phone to the router and than connect to the wifi with the computer and the phone. I was reading the link you provide for the router and I'm pretty sure that this is how to do it.
  2. Sculptor, The UPS Brown Store will forward you're mail for a fee. We have ours forwarded about once a month or if we are in the area we pick it up at the store. They charge between $10.00 - $30.00 if we have a lot of prescriptions with the mail. Ken....
  3. Sculptor, TN has no income tax so unless you are running a business or have a very big income from 401k you should not have to file a TN tax return. I believe TN doesn't tax 401k income until I believe @ $300,000.00 of withdrawal. We do our Federal taxes with no problems. We got random audited a couple years ago and IRS didn't say anything about address. The only problem we had was last year with Williamson County on plates. We go back in November. Going to try and go to a different teller this year. Ken....
  4. I built a spreadsheet to do the math if you put in the numbers from the scale ticket. Some of you guys that know the number better may want to check the formula's as this is the first time I did this. The link below goes to the shared google drive where the file is stored. I also have on there that I have been playing with to figure hitch position and total length. Truck and Trailer Weight Truck Trailer Weights.xlsx
  5. bob, I don't know if it is similiar to the directlink but with the directlink you have to touch the brake to activate it. I almost sent mine back because before I call them and they told me the brake has to wired and touched. Ken....
  6. Bob, I think there are two screws by the cup holder that pops out. Not positive on this, still trying to figure out how to open it on my Volvo VNR 640.
  7. swarton, do you have any idea what it would cost to pack & ship this item to TN 38571? If it is still for sale?
  8. I run Co Pilot RV on an iPad and the truck has Tom Tom Truck built into the dash. Both have the ability to enter your length, Height, and etc...
  9. Sculptor, I'm using a UPS Brown Store in TN, however last November when I renewed my truck and trailer in Williams County they didn't want to renew without a real house address. The lady did agreed to do it if I paid cash but told me she would talk to her boss on Monday and they may call me and cancel the registration. They never called but in November I have to do it again. TN really doesn't allow PMD's as an address but several of us have gotten away with it for awhile, @ 4 years for us. The wife renewed her licenses in Crossville last June and they made her do a new application for renewal and sent it to Nashville for approval. They did approve it. When you transfer from NC to TN they may require you to have 2 proofs of address it is in there law they will accept insurance invoice, electric bill. phone bill or other utilities. I use to have a copy of the rule, I'll see if I can find it. found it https://www.tn.gov/revenue/title-and-registration/vehicle-titling---registration/vehicle-titling/titling-a-vehicle--new-residents-or-those-relocating-to-tennessee-.html Hope this help, Ken....
  10. This is for the new VNL and I believe it is the same for the gen 2 volvo's. This is only part of the spec you want but may help. https://www.volvotrucks.us/trucks/vnl/specifications/
  11. Glen, I use mine as a daily driver, we have put 25,000 on it since last May and about 16,000 has been as a daily driver groceries, food and anything else we need to do. We have a 2020 Volvo VNR 640, single with 189" wheelbase and it is just a little too big for a single space but not much longer then a F450 the frame behind the cab is @ 10' long . It is our only truck. When we are hooked up we are @64.5' long with a DRV Fullhouse Toyhauler and the hitch is 6" behind the rear axle. Hope this helps, Ken....
  12. hatrack

    DEF tank door

    This is one I've looked at on the web. https://www.bigrigchromeshop.com/stainless-2011-volvo-epa-urea-tank-filler-cover-panel-p-139180.html Ken....
  13. Kirk, TN doesn't accept mailboxes for licenses and registration. We did a change of address a couple years ago and got them to accept it but last year they didn't want to renew my plates and finally agreed if I paid cash and said they may call me during the week to cancel my registration. So far they haven't. When the DW renewed her licenses last year the local office would not renew and sent it in to state to be to be reviewed, it was renewed but no star on the licenses.
  14. Sculptor, There isn't any problems with getting gas or diesel here in crossville the food thing is ok most the the food places are doing carry out or drive thru the food shopping is ok a lot of items have a limit of 2 but most stuff is available except for paper products which are less available and hand santizier isn't available that I can find.. Hope this helps, Ken....
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