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Newbie and full timer


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So I bought a 1987 31ft Kountry Star motorhome earlier this month at a great deal for $7k. Everything works and has been working fine except for some deisiling that has recently started. Anywho, I was living in hotels prior to the purchase and figured it can't be as expensive as hotels 24/7. So I guess I purchased it at the wrong time with this covid virus going on and most parks are closed,  some too expensive and the rest are just not the best for a single female. So I find myself sitting in parking lot after parking lot,  day after day..wondering where I am going to go for the night and driving around until night fall looking for a spot that seems safe and I won't be told to leave. I have a dog with me and the AC isn't so good from the dash so I try not to drive too much so that I can run the AC on top with the generator. Sigh, not sure what I was getting at with all this except that I am already so tired of this struggle but stuck with it as all my money went into buying the RV. But I figured I should introduce myself to everyone as I just joined the club.



Also, I added a few photos of my RV.




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Is Boondockers Welcome something that might be an option? You have a nice rig. I wish you all the best. Things will get better. Maybe campground hosting? This is my first time posting on here and I'm not an experienced RV person, but I feel ya and send you good vibes and a big e-hug. 

Nucamp T@b 320S, Toyota Tacoma

Asheville. NC

Don't postpone joy!

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  1. What part of the country are you in?  
  2. Do You have solar? 
  3. Remember, google is your friend. In just 5 min you can find a trove of sites which can help you. 
  4. There are several women only groups and singles groups which could be of great help:  SKP solo’s, Loners On Wheels (LOWs), rvingwomen.org, WINs, google for women’s and singles groups, Facebook RV groups, sistersonthefly.com, 
  5. read all the RV forums you can find. 
  6. if don’t have wi-fi, go to a local library.

Good luck. You are starting a fantastic journey in what looks like a nice rig. 


2009 Four Winds Chateau - 25' class C          2002 Chevy Tracker



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There is a learning curve involved! Yes it's a weird time what with Covid AND "vacation" time!

A lot will depend on where you are. Out west MANY more opportunities but the trick is still to find them!

Try Allstays app or web site and Campendium.

Most of the KOA's I've been to hire people for a spot to park and maybe a stipend. Other sites do too.

I'm on my second full time adventure ( actually 3rd or 4th as I did some in a van back in the 1990s) and wish there were some convergences where us type meet up for a few days.

Don't get discouraged! It takes a little time to get in the swing of it and it certainly beats the heck out of motel surfing!

Have fun!

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We traveled thru FL,AL,GA,TN,AR,OK,NM,CO,UT, ID,WY,MT,ND,SD,NE,KS,MO,MS and back to FL from late May thru late Aug and never had any problems finding a place to camp. We do some boondocking which you may not want to do and we stayed at many Corp of Engineer parks (COE or USACE). We've been camping since the 1970's and have never really felt threatened in any way. On rare occasions we have had loud and obnoxious neighbors but that is very rare.

So what you need to do is learn how to find spots. One shortcut is to get a copy of RV Trip Wizard, which is pay but well worth the price. It runs on a computer tho there is a phone app. It will show you just about every private and most federal campgrounds on a map with considerable information about those cg from Campgroundreviews. RVTW also has many other features and is a great trip planning tool.

Boondocking if you decide to try that uses a different set of apps which are free for the most part.

And of course asking here, if you specify an area of interest, will get you plenty of suggestions.

Escapees also has a group just for single travelers, called Solos IIRC you may want to check there too.

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There are plenty of free campgrounds in Cali especially if you get into the north or east parts of the state away from the cities.  Or down in the southern desert. Look at this for example around Big Pine: free and cheap camp grounds near Big Pine

Conversations on these group forums are like a house plant, you need to water them (come back and participate) to keep them alive. You wouldn't ask someone a question and then walk away for 3 and a half months.

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