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  1. A very good policy. I feel the same way, but it can be kind a little unnerving after it has happened to you for the first time. What is interesting, though, several days later I see a man walking around in the park I’m staying at wearing an open carry gun, which is legal in NM.
  2. It would be interesting to know what your problem was, as I use visible and have never ahd a problem with my apps not working, or any other issues that could have been rlated to Visible. Of course, now that i've said that . . . . . . As would be expected, if I am in a poor signal area I will get poor reception. What phone system do you have: android or Apples ios? I have an iPhone. My expereince is that apps have nothing to do with the internet, as they connect to teh internet via an internal modem/hotspot, which is before you would ever reach Visible. So, again, it would be interesting to know what your problem really was? I assume you reset the phone, and then reinstalled all your apps to see if there was an internal glitch? Happy Trails, Happy Trails,
  3. I also use visible, but have never been able to have Verizon help me, as Visible is a separate company which resells data usage on Verizon's broadband network.
  4. I have never owned or used a jetpack, so am unclear as to what the real difference is between a jetppack and the phones hotspot, especially since I ehard the jetpack is a hotspot.. I have an iphone 6s+ with a hotspot. I am able to use the phones hotspot concurrently on my PC and iPad with no degradation of signal. I also have unlimited data and streaming, for $25/mo, using the verizon backbone. How? I use one of the inexpensive phone services. The carrier I use is Visible.com. They have a party pay system which starts at $40/mo, and if you have 4+ people on your party service each pay $25 for unlimited service. The only time I have had a problem is when in a area where verizon has poor service, or you are not near a cell tower. To correct the last issue of not being enar a cell tower, I am lookinig into getting an interent booster, which should eliminate that issue. Happy Trails,
  5. Thank you all. This has been an interesting experience, which, as was said, “is only going to get worse.”
  6. All of the above, about carrying a gun with a permit, etc., is fine. But, what would happen if you were in my situation and the guy is 10 to 15 feet away from you firing a pistol and he happens to turn and look and see you in your RV watching him? first, where is your pistol, would you be able to turn and run and get it inside your RV, especially if now he recognizes you saw him and he needs to get rid of you as a witness, are you going to enter into a fire fight with him? Especially if you’re not alone and have family in the RV with you? it’s nice to talk about permits, but let’s talk about a real life situation of a gun fight in a parking lot. While I real life gunfight did not happen, in my situation, the questions I asked are still germain, “what would’ve happened if he had seen me watching him?” At that point I would NOT have had a gun in my hand to defend myself. AND, I could not have gotten up in time to close my door. what would you have done!
  7. It is mid-afternoon in the old west of Alamogordo, NM, and I am parked in a large parking lot. Two cars pull up in front of me, with one being 5' away, and the other on the other side of them, maybe 12' away. I'm talking with a friend on the phone as they park in front of me and exchange some thing in a box, of whch I have no idea what the content was. I'm causually watching this, talking with my friend, as the car nearest me drives off, and the person making the exchange gets back in their car. Then I see the driver get out of their car, walk to the back of the car, lift his arm with a glock in it, and fire across the lot, then casually get back in the car and drive of. The entire episode lasted maybe 15 seconds. As a boondocker, some questions which come up are: What would have happened if he had turned and seen me looking at him? Would you consider carrying a gun while traveling, if you are not already? If I did have a gun in my rig, there is no way I could have gotten to it in time, if it was needed. Should I have called the police? And reported what? Would they have made me come to the station and look at mug shots? etc. Would you change parking locations? Maybe even leave town? Are there any safe places in America today? Do I need to consider traveling and parking in a different manner? Has something like this ever happened to you? I am interested in reading what others think, as, needless to say, having someone shoot a gun in front of you toward people and cars in a parking lot, was surreal. Luckily nothing was hit, so now I'm wondering if there were even bullets in the gun, or was it a blank. Probably not!! Safe travels.
  8. And I notice that some have the notification they are a YES, and others are a NO. Is this a secret society to identify members? OR, could this mean those with a YES are better than those with a NO, or vice-versa? OR . . . . . ?
  9. no. i went to dollar tree and bought a green table cloth for $1. would ahve worked geat, BUT i found out my cpu is too old to use a green screen, or any type of background. bummer. ended up having to use my ipad so i could have a blur background. for my needs, it worked well.
  10. I want to thank GaryCQ, for starting this thread. I just found it thread and find it very enlightening. I got divorced (for the 2nd time) at 63 (2004), traveled for 2 years .... lost, no longer having "that" person around rescuing me. Then I bought a mobile home in Tucson and started going to every group in town, discovering how to come out of being introverted. In 2008 I went to Peru for a 5 weeks, by myself. On the first night I got stuck in the Lima airport, as the airline to Iquitos had a strike and were not flying. At 1am in morning a movie star, a director, and 2 others came in on a flight, also going to Iquitos, so they were also stuck. They invited me to go to a hotel with them., We spent the next 3 days seeing Lima, until the airline went off strike. We flew to Iquitos to the same conference. After 2 weeks I left and for the several weeks traveled to Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicca, Araquipa, Lima, then home. A very freeing adventure, as I could go where I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted - challenging my fears. My point: I discovered, because of that trip, how my life had been guided by what others thought, and whether or not (after 2 marriages) they, or the corporation I worked for, would rescue and/or take care of me. After that trip I began to fully understand the why of needing someone around, or in, my life. The need is no longer there, but the want still comes and goes. So, at 63 I got divorced, at 68 I traveled to Peru by myself, then at 70 realized I needed to challenge myself further and took a solo trip for 9-weeks back east to see the leaves change; going to Maine and around the east coast, where on the way back I spent 4-days stuck in Conneticut in a motel with the flu, and a week later in a Kansas City hospital. Then at 77 bought my first RV. On my first trip, heading north through california, I ended up in the hospital in Concord with blood clots: note to self, always exercise the legs when drivingfor a long time. Then at 80 I went full-time, and am loving it. Because I grew up being fearful throught out life, I made the choice I did not want to leave this life without living it. I had a paraplegic friend years ago who told me "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." I no longer want to live in fear. I applaud this thread, and all the brave people who are on the road making the attempt to challenge and live life the best way they can.
  11. What experience does anyone have with replacing their gray-black-water tank monitors with external monitors. Which monitor did you use? Has anyone attached new external monitors using the existing wiring system of the existing internal monitors which came with your rig.?
  12. I've never had to use roadside service - yet. I've been trying to make a comparisong between the roadside service provided by Progressive, and that offered by Escapees. Does anyone have any actual roadside experience with either, or both? What I am looking at is I have roadside with Progressive for $36yr (?), and I signed up for the Escapees plan at $100 last year which is coming due. Would it be worthwhile to keep the Escapee plan? I've got the Progressive with my ins, so can't cancell it. Is it really worthwhile paying the extra $100 for the escapee plan? Any expereince would be appreciated. Happy Holiday, wait, I'm retired, everyday is a holdiay.
  13. Thanks.. I've seen it for $55, but this price is good.
  14. Thank you. Finding the screen is not the problem, I'm wanting to find out what exp people ahve had with them in a small 25' RV, if any.
  15. I need a green screen for zoom. I have a 25' class C, so limited space. What small screens do you know of to purchase which might be useful in a small C without slides. Problem, I am in Deming and the nearest place to buy material to make a screen is 3 hours r/t. And, unless I am forced to, I do not really have time to go there, but will if I have to
  16. That is a good question. I have contacted Suzie Adams, at Loringlaw, to get her comments.
  17. Since National General has been mentioned severa limes in this thread, I thought bringing this to your awareness would be of value, I contacted National General for a quote and was denied due to age: 80 y/o, strong and in perfect health. Anyone else had this problem? This could be a major issue emerging on the horizon for many RV'ers in their 70s.
  18. Appreciate the clarification, as I had not thought it through. It makes sense.
  19. Very interesting. I asked my agent to requote my Progressive policy, which had gone from $580 four years ago to $1150 this year. She came back with a quote from Progressive quoting $850. Her quote stated an ACV of $32,000 ($7,000 over NADA). According to what I am readin gon this thread, Something doen't sound right. Any suggestions on what I am not understanding? Sorry if you read the original submission. I had AGV, instead of ACV. Now the question comes up; even if Progressive states and ACV of $32,000 when ti came time to do an eval upon damage, would not they came back and do an actual cash value at time of accident, irrespective of what they stated the ACV was when I signed up?
  20. I had a 3 day contract with Nationwide. On reading the contract i discovered a clause which stated the RV had to be in-state for 7 months out of the year to be valid. The agent was unaware (?) of that clause. You might want to have the agent check it out, and if possible get a copy of the contract before purchasing. I have since discoveed that while agents are well meaning, and most are wanting to be helpful, they are sales people looking for the commission It always pays to read the FINE PRINT.
  21. It is sad that we have to do our own due process in finding insurance. I was insured with a famous agency and asked for a new policy, hoping to get a better price. They insured me with National General. It was several weeks before I got a chance to actually read the entire policy, beyond the Coverage Summary. I discovering that it stated I had to be in the state for which it was written seven (7) months out of the year for it to be effective. Agent had NO CLUE that was in the policy. I am now with Progressive. Rates have gone from $580 in 2017 to $1132 in 2021. Because of this thread I'm waiting for a call from my agent, to talk. 😬
  22. I've been reading this very informative thread, where every comment brings up interesting questions, like "If you are a full-timer, and your location constatnly changes, why would location of your policy matter when you do not have a location." Is "location" dependant on your tax and legal domicile? Something I will have to ask my agent.
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