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Choosing Domicile in the next week or 2

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Thanks Kirk, I have seen your links sent to many of us and I have read many escapees documents related to this decision. Thank you for always being there to help.

I am in a comparison mode, but making a decision that will affect us for years has made me overthink, and has resulted in plain old indecision.  I like the health care stories I am hearing about Florida, but I have not much interest in Florida otherwise.  Tennessee has many of the things I like with the exception of horrible sales taxes. We will be traveling so maybe not too much impact.  For other reasons, TX and SD are in between.

It must help me to write it down, this is the first time I realized Tennessee is potentially at the top.  🙂

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Connecticut requires commercial truck taxes and licensing for a  HDT (semi) regardless of use.  When I first tried to license my Volvo 770 as a private vehicle, the objection was the commercial hitch.  I had that removed, and reapplied.  I was then told "once a tractor, always a tractor".

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