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Windshield Sunshades


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Hi All,

We recently purchased a used Class A Forest River Legacy Motorhome. We live in Phoenix Arizona and it is obviously very hot right now. There is a motorized shade for the windshield in the interior of the coach, however, we obviously need additional protection as it is still very hot inside the coach.

I have done some online research for different options and there seems to be an over-whelming choice of options and suggestions based on interior method - like buying "Double Bubble" Foil Insulation or going to your local Lowe's or HD and buying radiant heat barrier insulation, or exterior method such as purchasing EZ Snap sunshades or Magna Shades.

Anyone able to provide any feedback on your experience with Windshield Sunshades and what works the best?





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28 minutes ago, sandsys said:

Exterior shades keep the glass from heating up. Interior shade cannot do that.

I agree.   The window wasn't even warm with our exterior shade.  It stops the heat before coming to the window.  Also, that was with a dark brown shade.  We went inside other motorhomes  before buying ours and  with those who had the darker shades we could see out more clearly for a greater distance than with a white or beige shade.

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7 hours ago, sandsys said:

Exterior shades keep the glass from heating up. Interior shade cannot do that.

That has been my experience as well. With our first class A we used a sun blocker that was much like that suggested by Zuly but we found that while it shades the dash, the head is inside and must then somehow get back outside. They also made it rather dark inside. With the second class A we bought one of the covers that is put on the outside of the windshield. Those reflect the heat and light but you can still see through them. That proved to be much more effective and convenient. The one that we had was white, which was also the main color of the RV and so it looked pretty good as well. Today it seems that most of them are dark colored and they seem to work, but I'd still think that white would be better. The company that we bought ours from doesn't seem to be in business now, but it served us well for more than 10 years. You can also get covers for the side windows, which should help.

Here are links to several manufacturers of what I am suggesting.  They are all custom fitted. 

SunGuard        ShadePro       Magne Shade      RV Sun Shade


For something that is much less expensive but may not be as effective, the company that is best known for RV covers also sells a pre-made one that may work for under $100.  ADCO


Good travelin !...............Kirk

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