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  1. Hi All, We recently purchased a used Class A Forest River Legacy Motorhome. We live in Phoenix Arizona and it is obviously very hot right now. There is a motorized shade for the windshield in the interior of the coach, however, we obviously need additional protection as it is still very hot inside the coach. I have done some online research for different options and there seems to be an over-whelming choice of options and suggestions based on interior method - like buying "Double Bubble" Foil Insulation or going to your local Lowe's or HD and buying radiant heat barrier insulation, o
  2. Thank-you all so much for the information provided. All are good suggestions and validations of the thoughts we have as well, but good to hear it from more experienced RV'ers.
  3. Hi All, My husband and I have recently sold our home and want to buy a Motor-home and travel full-time. We are not new to camping. We used to have a 5th wheel Toy Hauler and used it quite a bit. Last year we took it on a month long trip and based on that experience, determined we would like to get a Motor-home instead. We have done a lot of research on what we want in a motor-home as far as the layout, which is important when considering this as your full-time residence and buying new versus used. There are several questions we have however, and hope you all can provide lessons
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